Stuff I did today…

Stuff I did today…

Stuff I did today…

I got all my paperwork for exactly everything, done.

At the end of next week, I will have the first phase of my applying for funding for school finished. Next…

Birthday presents for the birthday boy…complete.

Grad picture of youngest soon to be graduating son sent to mother, finally.

Now about my camera.

Obviously, I love my camera, I use it…pretty much every day. It is like a limb, that I have had for almost seven years…attached to me.

Well last week, it died. Just right out of the blue, one minute it’s working next minute it’s not…never to actually work again.


Grad is in two weeks. I need a camera. I have a brand new lens that I got at Christmas that I haven’t used enough yet, and my camera dies. Just right up and dies.

I take it to our local camera store…they are good to me there, they always have been. They tell me, the chances of my camera being fixed for under three hundred dollars is zero to none.

They will totally send it in if I want them too, for $45. Which if the camera is pooched, which we all think it is…I will get back towards the  second hand exactly the same but newer camera sitting in their case. For $225.

I know they are right, I predicted that outcome, pretty much 100%.

We talk about a camera’s life. It’s actually pretty short…shorter than your dogs life. Like 5 years hard use. Mine has definitely had hard use. And I have had it for seven years. Bonus time mostly.

I drive around town for two hours, thinking about it…and finally decide to just go for it.

I would be crazy to pass it up for that price.

She was a good old girl and she served me well.

old girl

I made the right choice…it’s just like mine but newer, and look at what I can do…


So clear and awesome!!


We call this the stupid rose, it’s a long story…really really long out of proportion story.

mini red rose

She is so beautiful there are two shots…


Clematis, nearly open…taking in the sun.


Sweet chai…I am so in love with this little calibrachoa…


So pretty, except for the dead stuff I didn’t see til after I took the picture :)

dutch iris

Pretty Dutch Iris, the deer totally leave them alone!!!

clematis and sky

It was a beautiful day :) The clematis were smiling…as were the poppies, sort of.


and last but not least…my broken angel.

He watches over stuff. All kinds of stuff.

broken angel

There are more, but I am going to save them, for a day when I have no time to blog, like probably tomorrow.

Happy Friday night kids…play safe xoxo

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