The ghost in the stairwell…

The ghost in the stairwell…

The ghost in the stairwell…

I have never told this story before, I suppose because I have never witnessed a sighting, or in this case I have never heard her.

When I bought this house, I think about six years ago now…there was some weird stuff. I mean other than the water that continually plagues us here.

I mean haunting stuff, some disturbing stuff…especially if you have creative imaginations like we all do.

We have a room downstairs, the guest room. I know it sounds normal, and well it is now. But then, not so much.

You see it had a lock on the door. On the outside.

It had a doorbell on the wall. On the inside.

And it felt weird in that room, it felt cold and wrong.

My oldest son insisted that I have my friend come in and cleanse the house. I did. A while later, we were out of town and Dylan stayed home by himself.


I can’t remember if he called me or sent me a text, but he was freaking out, that someone or something was in the house, someone had gone up or down the stairs. The dog was with us, and we had no other animals at that point.

He stayed at his girlfriends…saying he wasn’t staying in the house alone. Period.

At the time, I was amused by this…but I know what it feels like to be that afraid, and it’s not cool. All you want to do is to be with someone else, somewhere else, safe.

I know Dylan well enough to think that maybe he was egging me on, trying to freak me out, but once I saw him, I realized that he was actually really freaked out by the whole thing.

It happened again, when he had friends over one night, again Colton and I weren’t home, the kids were sitting in the  basement and thought that one of their friends had shown up as they heard footsteps on the stairs, they got up to look and there was no one there.

There is no way to mistake that noise for any other in this house. The stairs outside are concrete, so it wasn’t like it could be someone outside.

I am going to admit, that the second time it happened, I was a little disturbed by it…

So fast forward a couple of years, we were outside having a bbq. Bruce came into the house to take a pee, and heard someone running in the house. When he came back out he realized that there was no one in the house. We were all outside.

Now I am saying, what the hell?

First off, Bruce will be the last one to believe in ghosts…but he admits there is not really another explanation.

Not long after that, Bruce has a wee confrontation with a neighbor…I have no idea how I didn’t hear it, or even have a clue it was going on, but I missed it all, probably with the tv turned on while I was cooking dinner.

The neighbor was totally upset that we were digging up our own back yard. Seriously? It was probably a good thing I was inside.

He also told Bruce, eventually…some of the history of the yard.

Yes, there is crap buried in the back yard, an outboard, maybe a car or two. And apparently some guys wife.

I said WHAT?

Digger in backyard

I have no idea who the neighbor is, I have never met him, I don’t know if he was drunk or sober…I don’t know if he is insane. Or just trying to scare us.

But we are now digging ponds in the back yard, to try and harness the water issues we have, and make the water go where we want it to go.

I am seriously hoping there is no body action.

Finding a body would suck…it complicates things, it makes things messy. It makes the castle haunted. It’s hard to resell something if it has been haunted.

I said to Dylan tonight, that hopefully we weren’t meant to dig it up so we can solve her murder and set her spirit free.

He didn’t think that was funny.

In actuality, neither do I. I don’t need that kind of drama right now. I just want a pond in the back yard, with a couple of frogs.

Chilliwack frog

Is that too much to ask for?

I will keep you posted on the digging…think positive for us would you? We need all the help we can get.

Until tomorrow… xox

16 thoughts on “The ghost in the stairwell…

  1. Cynthia

    Hi, Wow, I don’t know what else to day. I don’t normally believe in ghost but I hope whomever is in your house moves on and you get your pond.

  2. ash

    Oh. Wow. That all sounds creepy, I had a kinda sick feeling when I read the bit about the lock and the doorbell. Having said that, the house we live in now is haunted and has been for as long as I’ve been coming here. It used to ‘feel’ awful…animals wouldn’t come inside etc. Things would happen all the time. But now although it still feels a little occupied and there’s the odd occurrence, the house still has a nice feeling :). Sending you ‘no body finding’ vibes ;)xx

  3. Bren

    Egads Donna. That’s some really creepy stuff with the house AND the back yard. Cars, outboard, person? Oh my! If you believe in it, I suggest you have someone come and rebless your house and yard! O.o

  4. mjnightingale

    Look up the history of the house at the building dept. Talk to her and hopefully she isn’t in the ground out back! Good luck! We all have ghosties! She obviousley isn’t there to hurt or prank you….

  5. Sherry

    Surround yourself with white light…imagine it enveloping you. Amazing how many of us have had encounters with the spirit world. My niece used to speak to people when she was little…people who left this world well before she was born, not so much any more.

    Sending much positive vibes that your digging only results in lovely ponds. Hugs.

  6. Gwen

    We have one as well. When we first moved in he was a little annoying but after I had a chat with him we have been living together quite nicely.
    I went to a psycic for Amy when they were working on baby #2 and when the lights flickered I made an off-handed comment about my ghost coming with me sometimes. Never missing a beat she says oh yes Samson and continues on with the baby tale. WTF, I meant to ask her about it before I left the session however we had already run over the time and she had another client waiting.
    So to this day I don’t know squat about Samson.
    Do I want to find out, hell ya. Maybe one, when the time is right.
    Seriously I hope you don’t dig up anything but dirt and worms, and tell your friend to stop scaring the crap out of your kid.

  7. DrM

    Deep breath…ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ommm omm ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – will be thinking of you guys

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