Why cable pisses me off…

Why cable pisses me off…

Why cable pisses me off…

I hate cablevision. I hate the new version of it. I liked the old days when there was maybe 20 channels and always something to watch.

Today I have 600 channels, and can never find anything.

Mostly because by the time I figure out which channels I get or don’t get, the show is usually over.

I want them to make it easy.

Make it so that I can pick the channels I want, and  the rest  can go to television hell, you know, so I don’t have to be in hell instead. Because right now pretty much every time I turn on the tv that is where I am.

Why is David Letterman on the Omni channel? Which in case you didn’t know reverts back to Taiwanese after Craig Ferguson. That is fucking disturbing to wake up to when you have fallen asleep with the tv on…just saying.

Why do I even have to have a Taiwanese channel? Seriously…

I don’t want french either. Or opera. Or shopping channels.

I want them to be gone, so I don’t have to surf past about 500 channels that don’t pertain to me at all. It just pisses me off, and then I lose interest and do something else, like this…or vacuuming.

Which in hindsight is maybe a good thing.

Except for the fact that I am paying ridiculous amounts of money to be frustrated on a regular basis, because no one has yet been smart enough to make a program that is user friendly and doesn’t make people want to start stabbing Telus management with a fork.

No wonder the office closed down here, I am sure it was for safety reasons.

And where the hell do I take the extra box that I never use and want to stop paying for back to now that the office is closed? I will probably have to pay $25 to send the stupid thing back to them, and they can have the stupid from hell remote control back with that too.

If I can figure out which one it is…because there are THREE. Like I don’t have enough issues.


We have the stereo hooked up for sound, which I like, but it also caused us to use one more remote. So one for tv, one for stupid Telus box, one for stereo.

I have to start turning it off 15 minutes before hand. Because half the time the remotes are never all in the same place, right? And when you think they are all off, all of a sudden you have the creepy ghost screen that just magically turns back on and tells you that no, you aren’t finished yet, get back here and turn it off properly. Dammit.

It makes me want to run it all over with my truck.

And while I am at it, let’s throw in the fax machine from work…it has nothing to do with anything, I just really want to run it over.

So tomorrow morning, I will chug down 3 cups of coffee, while waiting on hold to talk to someone at Telus to tell me where to shove take their box that I no longer need.

They will ask me if I am happy and I will say no, no I am not. But I am pretty sure that there won’t be a bloody thing they can do to fix that. Thank goodness it’s summer and I don’t really care that much about it anyways.

If anyone knows how to go back to 1984 tv let me know, because I am IN…

Happy Friday kids xoxo

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