Having tattoos doesn’t make you cool…

Having tattoos doesn’t make you cool…

Having tattoos doesn’t make you cool…

Some people just don’t have a clue.

It’s a sad but very real part of life.

Sometimes when people should just shut up and say nothing at all, they just keep on talkin’.

Such as the situation at work the other day, with one of my male customers.

It started out innocently enough, it was a hot summer day…I was wearing a tank top and shorts, so my tattoos show.

He asked me where I got my work done.

I told him.

Now this is where it starts to go sideways.

Apparently he doesn’t like my tattoo artist. Whatever, I really couldn’t care less. I happen to love the work he has done on me. I know many many people that feel the same way about the work he has done for them.

I told him so.

He carries on…blah, blah…told him he was going to punch him in his face…blah, blah.

Now at this point, I am looking at the guy thinking. You. are. a. total. immature. dumbass.

I just want him to stop talking. And go away.

Because you are now talking about someone whom I call my friend, though I didn’t mention this. I really had to just not say anything or he was going to get it both barrels.


You basically just called my tattoos shit. Didn’t you? Indirectly yes…without thought, totally. But you did.

Tattoo in progress

He says there is a place in Naniamo that he goes to now…they are awesome there. Which they very well may be, I didn’t want to look at his tats to confirm it, I was bored by then.

I proceed to tell him…that the place he swears by, is where I actually GOT my first tattoo, one of the ones that I got Jacques to fix…and I would never go back there again.

I am pretty much done with said conversation at this point. I take his money for purchase and merrily send him on his way.

He leaves…basically with the same clue he had when he started talking. None.

Now normally I just let shit like that slide, I get the fact the guy was pissed. And it was a tattoo. Shit happens. He obviously didn’t get what he wanted, for whatever reason, whatever the situation.

But don’t go around slamming people. To other people. That make it clear that their opinion is totally not going to jive with your opinion.

Learn to feel out the situation, like the fact that the girl behind the til, that JUST told you 5 seconds before that Frenchman had done all the tattoos on her body, probably isn’t going to be sympathetic to your ranting and childish temper tantrum that you should just get over and move on from.

Because I am telling you, it just doesn’t make you look like the bigger man.  Or like you have any class at all.

And punching people in the face, has just never accomplished anything, so you might want to think that through a bit more.

Especially since his wife Kat could more than likely take you. Down. Hard.

And that wouldn’t be good for your manly image now would it? I mean crap,  you have a back tattoo to live up to right?

And you make the rest of us look bad. Because some of us don’t have tattoos to pretend we are a badass.

Some of us have a bigger appreciation of it. As art. As choices we make. I get how bad it sucks when you don’t like a tattoo you have paid decent money for.

Go back, tell him you don’t like it, figure it out and get it fixed. But do it like you are a grown up. I know Jacques, and I know that he will do everything he can to make it right and make you happy. I mean you are walking around with his legacy on your skin, right? Of course he wants you to love it.

Acting like you are ten and punching people in the face isn’t gonna fix it.

Just saying.

Rant over.

Happy Friday everyone.

17 thoughts on “Having tattoos doesn’t make you cool…

  1. Is Everyone an Idiot but Me?

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I know some people are more socially clueless than others but really…how do you NOT realize it is offensive to sit there and trash someone that you are obviously a fan of, and whose work is permanently on your body. You handled him right!

  2. territerri

    I love your tattoos. So pretty. I don’t have any and maybe never will. Maybe I’m afraid of getting something that isn’t what I want. Maybe I’m afraid of the needle or worried about employer dress codes. Maybe someday I’ll suck it up and get one. I have one in mind, but not sure where I’d want it.

    Anyway, you’re right about that idiot. He acted childish and needs to grow up and deal with things like an adult.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      It is a pretty big decision to make, my started as cover ups and then morphed to what they are. I love them all and don’t regret any of them. I am not sure that I will get any more, I am pretty happy with the ones I have and where they are. It is really addicting though, once you get one you want more :)

  3. l

    Wow. Precisely the reason I love my cat that much more! I happen to find your tats very beautiful and well done.

  4. Robyn

    As you say, some people have no clue. It is like prople knocking Nigeruans when they know my husband is Nigerian. Now, we know Nigeria is not a perfect place, far from it. But not every Nigerian is a scammer either!

  5. nan @ lbddiaries

    I love what you said – “But don’t go around slamming people. To other people.” Just stop right there – don’t go around slamming people, period!

    Your flowers are beautiful. What an incredible amount of time-consuming work, too! To me, cool is a state of mind and your state of mind is – cool, that is (smile). People are cool with or without tattoos because it is what is inside that counts. Obviously that guy had nothing inside except attitude. I think you handled it beautifully!

  6. Deborah

    While I agree that having tattoos doesn’t MAKE you cool, they certainly makes you LOOK cool (which can be very misleading when the wearer is actually an idiot). Actually, come to think of it, many of the adjustments that make people look either cool, sexy or obviously better in bed than the rest of us (ear stretchers, nose rings etc.) are possibly misleading as well.
    Sigh. How can we uninked, unstretched, unpierced and unsure be certain? Is there a guide printed somewhere? In the meantime I guess I’ll continue to operate under the assumption that all of you tattooed (read that as unafraid of commitment) folk are miles cooler than I. I know for a FACT that you, Donna, are among the coolest.

  7. mjnightingale

    I hate fugly people like that…..I choose to walk away….unless they push my buttons! LOL I love your “work”!

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