When Gluten takes over the world…

When Gluten takes over the world…

When Gluten takes over the world…

A few days ago…I made a choice.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I have been reading up, doing my research and I have come to the conclusion that I need to exclude wheat and sugar from my diet. Again. I have tried this briefly before. I felt better, it was working and then…I lapsed. I don’t even actually know what happened. Sometimes I am a quitter or a forgetter. Whatever. Stop judging me.

I am starting over. No gluten, no sugar.

Now in theory this seems simple right?

No toast for breakfast. No sandwiches for lunch. No big fluffy full of butter french bread with dinner. No almost homemade butter tarts.

Did I mention that I fucking love bread?

I love it nearly as much as I loved smoking, but I knew what that was doing to my body and made a conscious and very grown up decision to stop inhaling 5000 chemicals into my lungs on a regular basis.

Bread or shall we just widen our horizons and say gluten, is less toxic than cigarettes, well mostly, but it still isn’t good for you.

It can cause joint pain. Bad attitudes. Congestion. Mood swings. Acne. Muffin tops. And numerous other things that are too depressing to list.

So today in my new found determination to make my self a healthier girl…I went grocery shopping.

I have never been so overwhelmed in my life. I never thought grocery shopping could give me a panic attack. Guess what? I was fucking wrong.

Normally I am a fairly avid label reader. I don’t eat MSG and try to avoid anything GMO, so I am somewhat aware of what I am ingesting.

But today I was stunned. There is so much food that contains gluten, your head will spin.


My original plan was this…eat real food. It makes the murk clear a little bit to just go back to basics.

The Diet Doctor has a good guideline for this low carb, high fat diet. It is easy to follow and makes pretty good sense.

Which is good, because I don’t do diets so to speak. I want to eat right but I won’t sacrifice enjoying my food.

So back to shopping. Ya. Brutal.

There is absolutely so much crap in our food it is terrifying. I am not really a packaged food shopper. I hate the taste of almost everything that is easy to make. So that isn’t a reach for me, but good luck finding anything to eat for breakfast that looks like cereal. Not happening. Good thing for my kale smoothie. It will just have to be enough, I am way to lazy to get up and make something as breakfastie as eggs.

Granola bars, like those Special K ones that I adore because they taste like pop tarts and are only 100 calories for two…nope. Not happening.

Sugar AND gluten.

I bought no gluten flour for $8.99. For a bag that will make me four no gluten cookies, and xanthan gum, apparently you need this to cook with gluten free flour. It was 13.99 for a wee fricken bag, it says on the bag it goes along way, it bloody well better.

As for the sugar, I have decided that the best course of action is to not make myself into a miserable bitch. I will still use it in small amounts. I use brown sugar for nearly all of my baking already and I am vehemently against every sugar substitute there is. And I need cookies.

Low sugar, no gluten cookies.

I have already found a recipe for double chocolate ones. I only have enough $8.99 flour to make four anyway.

And I just had the smallest bowl of ice cream I have ever eaten.

It helped a bit.

Learning to eat differently will take some effort, some trial and error, and there will possibly be some good blog fodder.

I mean all I have to lose is my bad attitude and this damn muffin top, right?

So how do you eat? Any suggestions or good advice would be 100% appreciated.

Peace out xoxo

8 thoughts on “When Gluten takes over the world…

  1. nan @ lbddiaries

    We went chemical-processed food free a little over 3 years ago. We eat as natural as possible which isn’t that easy (well it is for him, not me). I too have huge bread issues; it is the wagon I fall off of.

    We got off white sugar over 6 years ago. After trial and error and research and finding out how much the people LIE about things, we switched to raw unprocessed honey for most sweetening. We use Muscovado sugar for things like homemade baked beans or bbq sauce or anything calling for brown sugar (I get it on Amazon). It is a type of unrefined brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor – “most” brown sugar is refined nowadays or just white sugar with molasses added. We use Demerara sugar (a raw sugar) if something needs baking because it doesn’t spike the blood and make you go on a ravenous sugar rage.

    The sugars I’ve mentioned don’t send you on a sugar craving or spike the blood (for Type 2 Diabetes) like white does.

    To cure the urge for bread – first we realized we could no longer eat certain things. You just can’t because once you put that delish San Francisco sourdough lightly toasted, buttered with real butter piece of heaven in your mouth, it’s all over. You crave bread again. Biscuits (with gravy) is a once a year treat, Christmas morning. It was hard at first but now it’s easy not to desire it all the time.

    We found a good flax meal recipe. It makes a flat bread that can be used for sandwiches (or even pancakes) without gluten but with EXTREME results if you’re not used to flax (i.e., be near a bathroom, hoho). The flax seed meal needs to be fresh or it has a weird flavor but it cured his urge for crackers to put his peanut butter on.

    Most fat-free cheese has some sugar in it so we found a local lady who makes cheddar cheese from fresh raw milk and I no longer have a lactose-intolerance (who knew. It was from the processing). Hubby found if he eats processed cheese, he craves more. If he eats what we get now, he can walk away after a few bites. Interesting.

    Hopefully you’ll post recipes and things you discover on this journey??? I can always use recipes. The other day I made lasagna using sliced zucchini as a replacement for pasta. It worked fairly well. So think along those lines when replacing gluten products.

  2. ash

    Oooh, we’re on the same page again. My Dr told me to avoid wheat as much as possible, and then went on a rant about it being ‘the scourge of the food industry’. Luckily I eat mostly unprocessed anyway so it’s not a massive leap…he said just to avoid most wheat but that was assuming I had a typical diet over here which I don’t, but still have massive symptoms…so gluten-free it is. Trying to cut out most meat too. I feel like I’ll have to be dragged away from sugar kicking and screaming, but that’s next.
    Good luck, would love to hear how you go xxx

  3. Bren

    Power to ya girlfriend and I hope you get the results your looking for. I couldn’t do it. Quitting smoking was hard enough. I love to eat and love to taste food. Bread, sweets, meat, taters, you name it! Yep, power to ya! Keep us posted and good luck!

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