Why being a girl is hard…

Why being a girl is hard…

Why being a girl is hard…

Before you skip over this post because you are a man and don’t want to hear me whining about being a girl…back it up a step and click the full story button.

It is stuff you should know.

Stuff that is pertinent to understand us. As girls.

We know you don’t sometimes don’t get us, and some days we sympathize with that.

Some days.

Like when you give us the look like you just don’t know the right answer, but you know that saying nothing at all will probably not end well either.

We know when we cry, you have no idea what to do with that. Do you hug us? Do you tell us it will be okay? Do you ask us who we need killed?

The answer to that will always depend on the situation and the day. Sorry you have to figure that out on your own.

Things are never cut and dried with us, you know that already.

The cause of me writing this post today,  is a random girl with jiggly boobs.

We were going into Superstore to get groceries and this somewhat okay looking chick with a few tattoos and very jiggly pushed up into her tank top boobies, which were indeed real…walked to the left of us.

I mumbled under my breath to Bruce “holy jiggly”.

I wasn’t being mean…in fact if anything I was appreciative. He of course said he missed it. His loss or bullshit…whichever, I was the one that noticed first and of course said it out loud. Well played on his part, either way.

Because as a girl, that is what we do. I don’t have big jiggly boobs, so if a nice set walks by me…I indeed notice.

This is the part of the post, that if I was an really good friend to all of you boys, I would have a jiggly boob picture, but I just don’t, sorry.

The thing about girls is that we notice things like good hair, bad roots…painted toenails, armpit hair.

About each other.

All this time you thought it was because of you that we went through everything we do every day to make ourselves more beautiful didn’t you?

Well wake up guys…it’s not about you at all. It’s not even always about us feeling good about ourselves, it’s about us being the best we can be, for the other girls.

Don’t get all excited either, I don’t mean it like you hope I do.

We do it for women we don’t even know and will probably never see again, that’s right. I never said it was gonna make any sense.

But if you are thinking that we paint our nails for you, dye our hair because we think you care, edit our toe picture for our blog post because we have wrinkly toes or shave our pits to make you happy…you would be very wrong.

We don’t have a beauty board on Pinterest with 400 pins maybe that’s just me? added to it for nothing you know.

That…is part of our charm.

We are unpredictable sometimes.

We are girls.

And we want you to stop thinking all the girly, fufu stuff we do, is for you.

Sometimes it is I suppose, but more times than not, it’s for the girls.

The jiggly boobed girls…the good hair girls, on a bad hair day, the ones that give you hope… the girls that take the time to paint their toenails and put makeup on before they leave the house. Because we all have our good stuff, even though you, as boys, live through the stuff that tells you more is wrong than right.

In case you haven’t noticed, we all have body issues…bad hair days, and days we wonder what it would be like to have jiggly boobs.

We are all insecure, even in our most confidant moments.

We are all thankful, that you think we should not bother putting on makeup, or doing our hair. It makes us know that on days when we just don’t do those things, that you will love us anyway.

Because in the end, the jiggly boobed good hair day girls don’t really count, and we will forget about each other by morning, even though we admire the good things about each other from afar.

All we can do is hope you understand, or that you are smart enough to give us the answers we need when we need them, that and the fact that you look away when you see a hot girl walking towards you, pretending that you didn’t notice…because you know sure as hell we did.

We appreciate it, really we do…

Even if we never say it out loud :)

Happy Thursday xoxo

19 thoughts on “Why being a girl is hard…

  1. No Blog Intended

    Spot on! It took me some years to realise I don’t really dress up for guys – they won’t notice all the details and all the effort you put in it… Of course you want to look good to them, but everything we do for that, is way too much. They don’t notice the rings/earrings/nail varnish and so on.
    But as you say other girls do, and they don’t judge all too kindly…

  2. HoaiPhai

    I just want you to know that I do understand what it’s like to be a girl, and not because I try on my wife’s clothes when she goes out and pretend I’m Madonna, no siree bob! I understand because I truly love and care about real women. And just so you know, most enlightened guys aren’t that impressed by big jiggly boobs in halter tops. So dry up those tears, Sunshine, and throw away that halter top. Even chicks with Celine Dion mosquito bite tits looks smokin’ in a tube top. And with a tube top you’ll never ever need another good hair day, I promise. And another thing, you girls will get a lot more cuddling time out of your guy and I’m not talking just a lot more, I mean a whole lot more.

    Some guys really do care.

      1. HoaiPhai

        Oh, by the way about that picture… do you remember that guy Jaws from the James Bond movies? Is the woman who owns the feet with the steel toenails his sister or something? Just wondering.

  3. Diann

    I asked my son once upon a time if a certain pair of jeans made my ass look el grande….his response was “No…your ass always looks that way, you look good Mom” this is why I love him. Nicely done son….nicely done.

  4. nan @ lbddiaries

    In reading the comment by Dave, I had to laugh because Alpha Hubby and I were JUST talking about that – what is the safe thing to say. He came up with, “Well, what do YOU think?” or “Do you like it? ‘Cause if you do, that’s all that matters.” Of course I’ve made him promise not to let me walk out of the house looking skanky!

  5. Steve

    Love it! This is good info for us guys! Admittedly men are really the same way, at last the ones who give a shit and make an effort to look good. Its for that overall acceptance in society, to stand out from the crowd. That’s my story at least… and I’m sticking to it!

  6. Dave Farmer

    Yep, all men will notice the jiggly-boob girls, but it’s the good men who say ‘Eh? What girl?’ right on cue.

    On a related subject that seems to fit your post, when a woman asks ‘Does my [insert body part here] look big in this?’ what really is the best answer?

    It’s my natural instinct to be honest. But is that better than lying and saying ‘No way, it’s fine, perfect in fact.’

    I’ve never been able to figure out if women want honesty or a smudging of the truth to boost their self esteem or just make them smile, if that’s even what they’re looking for…er, is it? I’m sure I’ve got that wrong haven’t I?

    1. HoaiPhai

      Dave, it may be a good men who can say “Eh? What girl?” but it’s a great man who can say it without any sign of drool on his chin.