World…here I freaking come.

World…here I freaking come.

World…here I freaking come.

So those of you who are my facebook friends probably already know this.

I am saying it again anyway.


That’s right…you heard me. I got the funding. I am so relieved I can’t even believe it. It was a lot of work,  but so worth the effort.

So I start on September 3rd.

There is so much to do.

I need books.

I need a tour, so I have some kind of a clue where I am going to class.

I am so excited!!!

I have taken a very long time in this life to figure out what  I want to be when I grow up. I am so glad to finally know at least which direction I am going in.

And I am excited!! Did I mention that? To learn something that I have only dabbled in, that I have only skirted the edges of but that I adore doing with all my heart.

I am going back to school…holy crap. It has been a really really really long time since I went to school. Like I graduated in 1982. I hope I still remember how to learn shit.

I hope I can stay awake in class. I am sure I have outgrown that, right?

I know I won’t be skipping out this time. I skipped out enough in high school to actually cover two kids high school years.

So here is to better Web Design, and me being part of it!!! I am so excited to start…did I mention that?

What a fabulous way to start the week!! Happy Monday everyone :)

11 thoughts on “World…here I freaking come.

  1. Deborah Turner-Davis

    Congratulations Donna… you will be an amazing student and once you’re done, nothing will stop you. Hell… nothing stops you NOW, so just imagine once you’ve got that piece of paper!!

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