Dear Craigslist wanna be thieves…

Dear Craigslist wanna be thieves…

Dear Craigslist wanna be thieves…

Um…we can see you.

We know you are there, and fortunately you are pretty easy to bloody well see.

Like this guy…

His name is William Steven and here was his first message, the same day that I posted the ad, which by the way has the date posted on the top of the ad.

Hope this your ad still valid for sale?

Um…well yes it is. I just put the ad up this morning.


Second message…

Thanks for the response, can you tell me about the maintenance/the use of the vehicle.

Weird…not the questions I would ask when buying an $18,000 vehicle, but okay…I will play along.

I answer…

It is stored indoors, in a closed garage. Rarely driven in the rain and driven for pleasure use only. She has been well loved.

He sends me one more message…

Alright i just wanted to make sure nothing is been left out…I will be paying the amount you have listed it for, Payment will be sent using paypal cos am a paypal verified and i will handle the paypal surcharge as well or if you have a bank account is okay by me.I will arrange with the shipping company agent to have this picked up at your location.

Now this is where it all falls apart for our friend William.

Firstly. Nice spelling and punctuation dude. I mean I know a lot of people have trouble with grammar, and to those of you who sincerely have $18,000 to buy my car and can’t spell, I am sorry for being a bitch.

I have to say though…I lost faith that this was going to happen by the second message. I just had a feeling. This pretty much sealed the deal.


Don’t you want to counter offer? Don’t you have some more relevant questions than that? Don’t you even want to SEE it?

This is the message I sent back to William…

Sorry…cash or in person only.  And wouldn’t you think looking at it first may be a good idea?

I am fully aware that $18,000 in cash is not really an option, I mean it would be cool, but not likely…but in person possibly would be more believable.

And was my last comment a little bit bold? Maybe, but it got the response that I expected.

Which was nothing.

At all.

No come back, no explanation, no nothing.

This was my second email response to the ad…

I want to buy this Vehicles, and would like to receive additional information about it, What is the final asking price of it? may i also know the present condition of it? let me know if you have more pics of it, please i can only pay using paypal and after payments has been made i will arrange for pick up of it, Email:

Campbell Wyatt .

69 westmount Road
North Main officeWaterloo
Ontario N2L 5G5
Phone: 467-836-4532

Doesn’t it seem a wee bit like Williams inquiry? AND WHAT?

This was my response to Campbell Wyatt…

Price is 18,000…present condition is exactly as pictures.


Again…spell check is your friend. So is punctuation. And your questions are irrelevant. And stupid.

And I am not.

It would be one thing I suppose if they were smart thieves, if they actually made an effort to look like it might be a legitimate offer. I mean can you make a wee bit of effort before you try and rip me off?

Apparently not.

So needless to say, the car is still for sale. Unless you are a thief. Then maybe you might want to move on to a victim that is a little less on to you.

Happy Sunday Loves xox

20 thoughts on “Dear Craigslist wanna be thieves…

  1. HoaiPhai

    Craig’s List? Isn’t that the place where ambitious cops cast nets for conmen? You’ve disappointed me, Princess… you’re an arts-n-crafts kind of girl… how come you didn’t whip up a ceramic version of your car for the scammer’s shipping company to pick up?

  2. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    Good catch! My sister has lived in the Waterloo area for over twenty years, the area code there is 519 and the address isn’t real either (Westmount Road is real, just not that address). Never mind that if they were a truly awesome Canadian like myself, they would know how to spell and there would be an “eh” in there somewhere. :D
    Glad you didn’t let yourself get ripped off!

  3. Karen @BakingInATornado

    I can’t believe you’re brave enough to try to sell a car on Craigslist. I’d be afraid to be ripped off if done long distance and I’d be afraid I’d be robbed if done in person. I hope you sell it soon. And safely.

  4. Gwen

    BankDraft dipshi_, paypal for a car, Please.
    Good Luck Donna, I know you hate to see her go.
    And thanks for the love about my Mom.

      1. Dick Tracy

        My father just received an email from this same scammer….glad I did the research and found this blog….thank you! I’ve been in sales for 14 years and know that nobody says they are ready to buy something in the first sentence, especially when the cost of the item is $25,000! You would think somebody might want to see a 56 year old vehicle or have a few more questions about it, before buying it! I’m sure he’s fooling several people with his seemingly safe line of “want to use PayPal only”. Seller beware!!!! Spelling errors should be the first clue!!!

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