Fix it Friday…

Fix it Friday…

Fix it Friday…

There seems to be a new fad going around the blogisphere…yes, I just made that word up, and spelled it wrong.

So I figured, hey…I should somehow get in on the fun. Right?

That and it is actually giving me an excuse to sit on my porch in the shade and blog, while Bruce does all the work. I mean, that totally works for me right?

I also just won and hour long back massage.

You heard me.


See we bought some ground beef, and we needed it out for dinner.

Bruce said there was none. He looked twice, at least I think that is what you call it. It is more appropriately known as “looking like a man”.

Or not looking at all.

I told him that I could find it. He said it wasn’t there.

Make me a bet… that whomever wins, gets a ONE. HOUR. MASSAGE. Bet. Deal.

I win.

I opened the first freezer, and ta da!!!

There was two packages of the most relaxing ground beef I have ever met.

Thank you ground beef.

Anyway. Back on subject. It’s hot and I may have had a cider or two. So if you know me at all, you will know that I kind of rock a couple of things. I don’t rock anything perfectly, but the things I love. I rock.

So to start off this week of Fix-it Friday… let’s begin with WordPress.

WordPress has been my blog choice since the beginning, and if you look hard, I have a blog somewhere on all different platforms.

WordPress is by far the easiest to navigate of them all. The only downfall I found when not having a self-hosted site was that you are way limited to the changes you can make to your format.

That is part of the reason I changed over, but remember when you are taking the plunge to self hosted, you will lose some readers. If they love you they will follow, but your numbers are gonna go down, and it takes some time to build it back up. I find it worth the effort it takes though. I love having full control over my site.

I like to think I have this shit all figured out. I don’t. At all. But I do know my way around the basic crap.

So if you have any questions, you know…that are kind of easy ( I am off for four days)

I will try and help you out.

Self hosted or…what do you want to know? Fire away.

So the second thing I guess I am ok at, is gardening.

Plus if I don’t know the answer, I will just send you to my friend Janis over at Hortophile-My New Garden.

She knows everything. And I am not kidding. At all.

Or you can check out the facebook page from our store. We rock stuff. Just ask.

So if I can’t help you, they can. See? Fix-it Friday is taking off!!!

The probably last thing for the day that I am okay at, is baking.

I love baking.

Even though I can’t really eat anything that even teases of a crust. I can still bake it’s ass off.

I might actually even give in to a piece of blackberry rhubarb pie. I have been so good, for weeks.

I feel good.

And one piece of pie, will surely not kill me. Hopefully.

And I have blackberries. And Rhubarb.

rhubarb and blackberries

Or I could make gluten free crumble…and I will post the recipe Monday. How about that?

Or if there is something you want a recipe for. Ask me. I will find one. That kicks ass. I promise.

Tomorrow…I have a video. Of us. Wood hunting. Sort of.

It might mostly be me talking and bushes, but whatever.

Happy Friday night friends…xoxo

8 thoughts on “Fix it Friday…

  1. nan @ lbddiaries

    Cool – love your pix of old-timey tools! My dad used to collect everything like that. Will you tell us about your hour-long massage? You know, so we can live vicariously through you and enjoy it, too???

  2. iamtomnardone

    I found self hosting to be a pain. I like the .com better. I did not even know word press had a blogging community until I went to .com.

    Princess, I hope you find time to relax on your four days off. play some XBOX

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