I am mostly tired…

I am mostly tired…

I am mostly tired…

Let me just start with a disclaimer at the top of the post. I am not complaining about anything. I am thankful for my job, for the sun, for the summer for pretty much bloody everything. So you know.

But I am tired.

Our job is hot. Our store is hot. The damn neighbours in the subdivision beside our store, chopped all our shade trees down. So we have no shade, well very little.

It has been sunny here for about, like say…ALL SUMMER!!

It has been the best summer ever. In history. That I can remember…which doesn’t mean much really, I have a crappy memory.

I get home from work and I am done in, I have stuff to water, which mostly gets watered on a regular basis, with my last tiny bit of energy, but my dandelions need to be mowed or weed whacked or both. I am just not feeling it.

But I am starting four days off. Four days when I usually at this point, tonight even, am at my parents house for the big carshow there this weekend.

Obviously I am not. I can’t afford it on any level, I haven’t even insured my car. Never mind add the $300 for ferries and gas on top of that, plus we have a zoo here that would need tending. I just don’t have the heart to do that to anyone I know. And the zoo can’t come in the Mustang.

My Mustang hasn’t left the corral even once this year. SHAME ON ME. This weekend she is coming out, and very possibly getting a day pass and a driving day, Monday is looking good.

And I am still thinking of selling her. I know I have said it before…I have a lady who actually reads the blog that is interested. I want to say that I am positive I am ready to let her go, but I am just not quite sure yet that I can.


I have had my Mustang longer than most other things in my life, she has been my passion, my stress relief, I am proud of the fact that I have done as much work on her as I could, by myself…she has never let me down.

I am a bad car owner. I should probably be spanked.

Not that it would help.

I am having one of those months where everything…well not everything, but you know how I exaggerate…feels like it is up in the air. Schooling is pretty much a 100% go. I just have loose ends to tie up. I hate loose ends, my OCD doesn’t deal with that at ALL.

I have less than two full weeks left of work, which always makes me sad, even though we are scorched and tired…

Summer is nearly over, the crickets have come out just in the last couple of days…that always means we are heading to fall.

I do love fall.

I will be a student.

That makes me do a happy dance. I am over the top excited about starting my new adventure. I am terrified at the same time. I am old, it has been nearly a hundred years since I was in school, and I wasn’t very good at it the first time around. My only saving grace this time around is that I am really interested in what I will be learning. I want to learn, I will suck it all up like a big ole’ sponge.

I just need to muddle through the next couple of unsure weeks.

I need to regroup and get it all together so that my September starts out fresh and new and organized.

Right now, I am just too tired.

And hot.

I will be better on Tuesday.

After Jezebel and I go for a drive, and I remember why I love her so.

After we just relax our asses off for four days, doing whatever we want.

Which probably won’t be much in this heat…

Whatever it ends up being, you know there will be pictures!!

Happy nearly the weekend everyone!!

6 thoughts on “I am mostly tired…

  1. nan @ lbddiaries

    To this day, 30+ years later, I regret selling my 1968 Mustang. Reeeegret it. Think long and hard, my friend (smile)! Plus my son is so mad at me! Once he discovered I’d had one and hadn’t held on to it for him (before he was even a twinkle in my eye even), he’s had a grrr on ever since. And don’t get me started on the 1965 Cougar or 1979 Camaro. He sure holds a grudge.

  2. ash

    I know exactly what you mean about hating things being all ‘up in the air’.
    God, fucking beautiful car xx

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