An unusual state of affairs…

An unusual state of affairs…

An unusual state of affairs…

cloudy day

I have no Sunday shots.

Not one.

I suck.

I used a archived shot from weeks ago. I cheated. And that is the only one you are going to get.

I have a million excuses though. I have been busy, with like, real life stuff.

And the weekend will end up being catch up days for a bit. My lawn was nearly to the bottom of my windows, and I seriously haven’t put any effort into my winter gardens at all. Or actually any gardening at all. I am just not feeling like it is an option right now. If I have to chose between my nearly dead flowers being watered or my house being clean I will pretty much 99% of the time pick a clean house.

I haven’t been on my new computer nearly enough either. I have it pretty much figured out now, thank goodness. School is going to be hard enough without having no idea how to use the computer I have to do it on.

That is why I have sucked at blogging.

It’s my excuse for today anyway.

And it’s all I have.

We have spent Sunday night watching stories from 9-11. My heart still breaks. I still cry. I still can’t believe it really happened.

It was an event so tragic, so unbelievable, so nightmare like, that it is still, 12 years later nearly impossible to wrap your head around.

There were so many heros, so many insanely brave people…in all the horror, in all the carnage it never ceases to amaze me how the human race will always rise to the top. How we will always chose to help each other when our terror is like nothing we could possibly imagine.

I will never forget that day. My heart will never stop breaking for all the people that were lost, but it also gives me hope and knowledge, that we as humans are basically good, when evil rears it’s head, we will overcome it. Good will always win in the end.

In some bizarre way, it restored my faith in the human race.

Some days that can be a pretty huge order to fill.

So tonight, hug your babies, your friends, your spouse.

Be grateful for what you have today, right now…no matter what it is, or what you think it isn’t. You are alive and well, and tomorrow is going to be a glorious new day.

Love to you all xoxo

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