And then there was light…

And then there was light…

And then there was light…

You know when you have that ephipinal moment? And yes, I just made that word up. Well today I had an ephipinal day. The whole day.

I am exhausted, yes…but now, at the end of the second week, I think I might be getting it. I still have panic attack moments when I wonder if I will really be able to pull this off, but then I have other moments when I feel like I am grasping it.

The biggest thing about going back to school when you are 48 years old, is that your mind doesn’t work like it did when you were 17. It doesn’t snap to things quite as fast, sometimes it even takes days to get your head around something that once upon a time may have took you 15 minutes to figure out.

That and I am definitely not drinking enough coffee, or probably eating enough. I am drinking gala kegs of water. Who knew that weight loss was a bonus to learning. Being in school from 8:30 to 5 with a half an hour break is not really the best case scenario for eating properly.

And I have found it to be a bonus to have OCD. Being organized is going to be my biggest asset. I am amazed how many people aren’t organized at ALL. Some people don’t have their text books yet…makes doing homework fairly difficult, and there is shit loads of homework.

I am not even exaggerating.

When they say this course is full time with three day a week classes, they mean it. I have at least two days of homework every week.

I have unfortunately totally killed my gardens. Thank goodness Kale is hardy, and fairly bullet proof, nothing has been watered for about, oh I don’t know…weeks. Since it rained last I guess. I went out this morning and my tomatoes that were beautiful and green and healthy in the garden and the pots on Saturday, weren’t so much today. I watered them and picked about 15 tomatoes to roast tomorrow, but holy…they look like hell warmed over.

And I haven’t planted ANYTHING for fall. My garlic needs to go in this weekend. I said that last weekend, we will see how long it takes me to actually do it. If ever. I need to pick my apples too, I have about a hundred of them on my tree. Oh, and Janis reminded me that I do indeed owe her an apple pie for long ago giving me said tree.

You are on the list sugar…don’t hold your breath.

I also talked to my youngest spawn yesterday, for a minute. Literally. He ditched me, informing me he had a friend over, everything was fine and he was going to Whistler for the weekend. Must be nice.


I am also having camera withdrawals, I haven’t taken a picture in weeks. Not cool.

I did make this in school today.


Cool huh? We had to make a metaphor to the Jack and Jill story, with the symbols we were given. This is what I came up with…the first box, is Jack and Jill…yes, Jack is a teddy bear. The second box is up the hill. Third is to fetch a pail of water. I had no pail, sue me. Fourth box, Jack falls down because Jill gets an eye full of boy and drops the teddy like a hot potato…obviously. Fifth box and breaks his crown. Sixth box, and Jill comes tumbling after, or not, cause she met a boy, so she is falling, just not in the same way. Get it?

I certainly hope I did. We shall see how that goes as well. I will let you know. I am learning to use Adobe Illustrator. It is like going to a new country and being told to figure shit out. Hence brain exploding, right?

That’s all I have for tonight. I hope to get some pictures taken at some point this weekend. I am having logging road withdrawals, still. Hopefully we will get at least one day off to do that this weekend.

Happy Thursday!!

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