Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots…

Sunday Shots

I have had a hellacious week…seriously bad. School was overtime mental with so much homework, I was nearly out of my mind on Friday. I am over it, with all of the work I had to do, done…somehow. I never really left the house this weekend. Which means I never took a picture.

Since I had nothing, I decided to go over some of my favorite shots, some you have seen before, others maybe not. I just know they all make me happy, and today, that is all that matters :)

I took this rose shot many years ago now, I think it was the first great shot I took with a good camera. It was the shot that made me fall in love with photography and changing how things look…or capturing the essence of what you see.


This is a lily shot that I adore…


I took this one ages ago too, such a pretty mini rose…


Another lily shot…


A windmill in Whitehorse…can’t wait to go back!!


A wee bug on a daisy in Chilliwack…


Some whales that nearly came up right underneath our boat. Coolest. Thing. Ever.


Chain link…I just love everything about this shot.


Well that is about it for tonight…I have a few more thumbnails to draw, and since I have zero drawing skills…like zero, it’s taking me a while.

Happy Sunday my friends xoxo

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