Facebook Follies…

Facebook Follies…

Facebook Follies…

I am going to put a disclaimer right at the top here…just so there are no misunderstandings and no one thinks I am talking about them. Unless it’s you, then just smarten up. You know who you are. The disclaimer part is this, don’t get mad at me for saying it out loud. It’s you not us, and it’s time to smarten up.

I have noticed as of late, that there is a lot of whining going on on facebook.

Continual whining that is not normal and doesn’t go away like it should.

We all have our moments. You know the ones, you have had a shit day and you just need someone to tell you that it will be better tomorrow. That is a good part of facebook, you can reach out when you would normally be all alone, which often just makes the feeling worse.

We all need a little bit of backup now and again.

I get that.

I have done it myself.

I am also lucky enough to have a private group of women on facebook, where there are no holds barred and we are allowed to say absolutely anything to each other. We have known each other for a long time and the bitches have my back, and vice versa. It doesn’t even need to be said out loud. It’s a given.

Now this is where it gets tricky.

I know that some of you don’t have that luxury, or that group of women backing you up.

I know that sometimes you have to reach out, and in doing that you reach out to 400 friends instead of a chosen few.

What needs to happen, is that you need to remember that.

EVERYONE sees what you are saying. You get that part right?

The other thing that needs to maybe happen, is that you stop whining constantly and do something about it. Now I am not perfect in this department either. At all. I will complain about something being shitty over and over until someone tells me to suck it the hell up and do something different to change the outcome.

If you don’t do something different, the outcome will stay the same.

A lesson I still learn on a fairly constant basis.

So this is me, telling you to suck it the hell up, and DO something. Do something different that is going to get you an outcome that will stop your bloody whining and make you post something that will humor us.

That is 99% of why I go on facebook in the first place. I want to be amused. I want to hear your funny stories and read your hilarious status updates, not hear for the 39th time  how shitty your lame life is because you are a jerk.

The sympathy tends to leave me shortly after about the third shitty status. Just saying.

And when you post 50 shitty statuses a day, I am one click away from unfriending you.

Instead, focus on humor, on being a bigger person, or at least dealing with your issues yourself. Think of it this way…you know the guy/girl you see driving down the road picking their nose like there is nothing more important in life? No one wants to be their friend after that, it is something you should do when you are alone and you are sure no one can see you. Facebook is the same. Some things need to be worked out in private, and occasionally when you have come to a good part, when you have REALLY made some headway and you have something happy to tell us, then you post.

It doesn’t make us look away and unfriend you when you are positive, we all have enough of our own negative stuff to deal with, we really don’t want deal with your stuff too. We want to be there for you, we want to support you, but only if you have the balls to face it and make a change. Whining has never changed anything. Ever.

Just so we are clear on that.

Otherwise…it will just be the big delete and you will wonder where the hell all your friends have disappeared to.

And then you really will be picking your nose all by yourself in your car…no one wants that, do they?

So here is to this not being about you, and to the people is does pertain to figuring out the stuff that needs to be figured out, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

We still love you, we want you to get it together, and we don’t want to leave you on the side of the road without a kleenex, but we will if we have to because you don’t want to listen.

I will step down off of my rant box now…thank you for listening.

Have a fabulous weekend my friends xox


10 thoughts on “Facebook Follies…

  1. Beth Teliho

    sing it sistah! I know what you mean! Fortunately I don’t see too much of this with my “friends” on FB, but when I do now and again it is irritating. Like you said, FB isn’t the place for it.

  2. territerri

    AMEN! I just read something yesterday that basically said if you keep being negative and keep talking about negative stuff, you’re just inviting more negativity into your world. Like you said, we all have shitty days and we all have recurring problems that we would love to whine about, but it doesn’t do any good to keep rehashing it all. It’s taken me too many years to learn that and I’m still learning that it’s really true – – – You can’t change others. You can only change yourself, your own behavior, your own reactions to stuff.

    I saw a facebook post once where the author was complaining about something for the millionth time. (That’s really all she did, ever. Complain.) The first comment appeared – someone had had enough and said, “Stop complaining!” I was cheering out loud, even though I didn’t have the guts to say it myself. And it worked. She seems to be working harder to post positive remarks.

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