It’s come down to this…

It’s come down to this…

It’s come down to this…

And by this…I mean, blogging in bed on my iPad at twelve thirty on a Friday night. It seems reasonable to me.

Who needs sleep right?

And otherwise there would be absolutely nothing at all, which I just can’t bear…

I really never realized how much I depended on blogging to vent and sort of keep me on the upswing. I miss writing.

If there is anything bad about school that would be it. My blogging time has all but been thrown out the truck window onto the side of the logging road into the dust.


I will randomly have something spectacular to blog about, not have time to write it down, and then in my head it gets swirled in with all the PHP and database and I lose it. It just fucking disappears like a puff of smoke.

I got a haircut yesterday…about 4 inches gone. I was hoping not carrying that much hair around would make me smarter, it doesn’t appear to have made any difference. Other than I now have short hair. Well not short, but ya..short. I think I love it. I think. It takes some getting used to.

I always want what I no longer have. I am such a freak that way. It could just be that I didn’t exactly get what I wanted. So then I regret.

Night time makes me weirder. And yes..sober I am, but tonight is a full moon, and a lunar eclipse, did you know that stuff follows you around for six months after? It’s true. I heard it on the internets.

And I am feeling a little freaky.

And hungry.

If I wasn’t nearly sleep blogging I would get up out of our nice warm bed and get some pie and ice cream. It just doesn’t seem like an option even though my grumbling tummy tells me otherwise.

And mix the full moon and pie and my dreams will be insane, somehow I will become a database loving transvestite or something. I do not possess the mental capacity for THAT kind of self abuse right now, so I am just going to save my pie for breakfast.

And on that note wish you all goodnight.

I will be back soon, and it just want you to know I am still trying to keep up on what kind of trouble you are all getting into…miss you all xox

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