Mylie…I just don’t understand.

Mylie…I just don’t understand.

Mylie…I just don’t understand.


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I try to be non judgemental, I try to understand why people do what they do, so let’s just call this post, and old girl giving a young girl some sound advice shall we?

We all have stuff. Period. We all act out, it is just a fact of life.

Sometimes it is how we deal with a situation that we have no idea how to deal with. It’s just like your children being over tired and having a temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store. They don’t know why they are having a fit, they just do it. It’s never pretty, and it usually ends in a time out.

I am thinking Mylie needs a wee time out.

Now I am all for being edgy. I love that…I am also understanding about trying to find yourself. We all go through stages, it happens at all ages, we try to transform and become something better.

Now what I am not getting here, other than the fact that the woman cannot keep her mile long tongue in her mouth, like EVER…is what exactly she thinks is going to come from all the shenanigans.

I understand the almost naked concert thing, bad publicity is better than none…but when it keeps going on continually for months, people tire of it. It gets to the point where it does more harm than good. She is a smart girl…she has come along way, despite having to claw her way out of the cliche that is her father.

I also get the fact that when you are Hannah Montana for years and years, it could get old and a whole new persona is inevitable to grow up and move on, the part she seems to be missing is that you don’t have to be over the edge and hanging on a ledge ALL THE TIME. People will start to look away. People will start to think that maybe, just maybe you are an attention whore, it then loses it’s intrigue pretty quickly.

And when you are beautiful like she is…you should really just keep your Gene Simmons tongue in your mouth. It’s not pretty, and it isn’t turning anyone on. At least I don’t think it is…I might be wrong.

All I see is a young Madonna, minus the class. You don’t ever go far without the class. You can be super smart and beautiful, but take away the integrity and you have a hot girl that just makes people shake their heads and wonder what happened along the way.

I saw her singing the wrecking ball song on SNL the other night, and she is GOOD, she has amazing stage presence and the girl can belt out a song, so why not just run with that? Go with the good stuff, be happy with the fact that 90% of us wish we could walk the road you have been lucky enough to walk down. I personally would kill to be able to sing like that, or at all…and I can’t even begin to imagine the thrill of singing in front of an audience and making people dance to your songs. That in itself just amazes me.

So maybe Miley…it’s time to just take a step back for a bit. Regroup. Rethink what you are trying to portray. It’s hard to come back from total dysfunction. People can only forget so much. Don’t be famous for your insanity, be famous for your talent, for your intelligence, for your class.

Longevity goes further than insanity.

And put on some pants.

I am sure you are giving your old Dad a jammer.

If you can bare it through the Brittany introduction and the first song she sings and the dress she is wearing, the second and third song are actually really good, there is of course some weird shit at the end, and then she sticks her tongue out…

I think maybe she should just regroup a bit, and take a cue what NOT to do from our old friend Brittany…it can only go up from there.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Mylie…I just don’t understand.

  1. Bren

    I hear her name and I cringe. I just don’t get women devaluing themselves like this. Her daddy should be puttin a boot in dat ass!

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