Ready or not…

Ready or not…

Ready or not…

I am gonna post a blog.

I have been so absolutely unfaithful I can hardly look at myself in the mirror.

I don’t mean to neglect it here, but I just never seem to be able to find one minute during the week where I can tear myself away from the damn PHP or Database and drop in a few words. Hell last week I even missed doing Sunday shots, AND I HAD THE PICTURES…


But oh well, it is what it is…I am feeling a little better about  the whole school situation now than I have been, it was a little sketchy there for a while, and having a nervous break down was just not in the plan.

So I have changed some stuff.

Thursday, is my clean up the spare puppies off the floor day now, in other words, I actually pull out a vacuum, I go to town and I do my easy or at least my enjoyable homework. This is a good thing.

Melting down is not my favorite feeling.

My friend Phyllis told me to change what wasn’t working.

Good advice.

I also had a wee hair debacle.

I won’t get into it, just let it be said things are different now, my hair is shorter, like way shorter, even than the instagram picture on the side there…ya, nevermind. It’s fixed, and it’s cute and I like it, finally…three haircuts in one week later. Not even kidding.

I will post pictures when I can take one and not feel like I look like I haven’t slept for a year, or look like I am  nearly 50….oh wait….

Okay, nevermind that either.

So what have I been working on you ask???

Well this is my new bakery logo…I don’t actually have this bakery, but one day I might, and I have already created the logo, go me.


In class we had to do three roughs, the one that I originally thought I was going to love, was my least favorite…now I have to make letterhead, business cards and other stuff I already forget…I love this class the best of all of them.

The other thing we are doing is a poster for a band. A band that doesn’t exist. That we have to make up.

Obviously I picked country.

And just tried to think of what I would want to portray if I was lucky enough to be able to sing or play ANYTHING…and be in a band.

The band’s name is The Backroad girls, because well…you know me right?  And the Album name is “Dead End Love”. Because you can’t be country and sing about happy stuff now, can you?

There might be some boob.

Or insinuation of it. With taste of course…this is what I sort of have so far.


It’s not done…and I am most likely going to change the picture, but this is the beginning of the effort…it is NOT a fast process that is for sure.

Other than that, I haven’t got too much other news, I am getting a tutor starting in November for PHP…I don’t know if it will help or not, but at least I will put forth total effort and I have done all I can to try and figure it out.

It’s all I can do.

I haven’t always been the best student, but this time I sure as hell am going to make a huge effort, I haven’t come this far for nothing. My first midterm is over, and I don’t think I bombed it. So that is good. HTML is next week, and the week after that is the dreaded PHP. The two graphic classes, don’t have midterms. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am going to cut this short now, go read a few blogs, and maybe get Sunday’s post ready so I don’t forget to do it again…Happy Friday to you all xoxo


8 thoughts on “Ready or not…

  1. El Guapo

    Love the logo and the cover.

    and glad you’re feeling more comfortable about school! Take the time you need. We’ll be around when we come back.

  2. Beth Teliho

    Love (LOVE) the bakery logo! also love the boob on the country album. I’m straight and not that into country music, but I’d buy it just cuz of edgy cover. Go figure! Maybe cuz I have to think if someone had the balls to put boobs on the cover..the music must be cool!

    Sooo glad you got your hair fixed, I know that can be frustrating as hell! I would have hugged her, too. :)
    Once I had a bunch of knots in my back and this masseuse (whom I’d never met before) worked freakin’ magic on me, and when I was leaving I spontaneously hugged her. I was dazed for hours that I’d done that. lol. But she s-a-v-e-d me – wow. I would do it again.

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