I feel the need to apologize…

I feel the need to apologize…

I feel the need to apologize…

To all of you, everywhere in the world, who may have heard the story of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

It is beyond me, how someone who openly admits doing crack, drinking and driving, hanging out with prostitutes (though he swears she is just a friend) and then has an outburst on live tv about one of his co-workers accusing him of  wanting  to perform oral sex on her, when of course he is a married man and has enough oral sex at home to keep him busy forever…gets to stay in office.

Yes. He really said that. Or something close to that.

WHAT? You know that is your outside voice right? Are you doing crack right now?

How much more are we going to take from this guy? How much longer is he going  to be allowed to stay in office. Because SERIOUSLY PEOPLE…the man is MESSED up. He needs professional help. All I see here is Charlie Sheen all over again, and we all know  how unhealthy that whole mess was.

How is it, that we as a country are letting this guy play this out any further than it has gone now? It’s not funny, it’s  embarrassing. Being Canadian doesn’t mean we take tolerance to a ridiculous  level of stupid. Being tolerant is totally different than looking  the other way, while someone spirals to a full out crash, while he is running one of our largest cities.

Shame on you politicians of Toronto. Shame on you for not standing up and forcing him to step aside. What is wrong with you? It is time to grab your balls and take a stand. Grab your dignity back before Rob takes it down the whirlpool to hell on his way.

I don’t understand what is stopping you from putting a stop to this…weeks ago. Is it that you are just too caught up in the drama, that you can’t look away from the inevitable crash that is no doubt coming?

Are you all asleep in your chairs?

Because WHAT THE HELL is going  on over there?

At this point, all we can do is watch Jon Stewart and laugh, because it feels like we have no control over who runs our country.

And apparently, in Canada, you can have zero tolerance for drugs, guns and gangs. BUT STILL DO CRACK AND RUN A CITY.

Come on Canada. Let’s get our shit together shall we? Let’s do the right thing and get this guy out of office. We don’t need the attention that bad.

It’s time to let someone else step into the spotlight now, time to grab our dignity back while there is still a wee small thread of it left.

How about if we put the focus on the fact that there is a pipeline going through Canada, that our Premiere was not in favor of 6 months ago, magically coming terrifyingly close to fruition…a pipeline that is going to threaten our country in ways that Rob Ford never could. It is going to leave a footprint that even Rob can’t fill up. Let’s use our Canadian goodness, to actually accomplish something that will change the world. For the better.  Let’s start paying attention to things that affect us in a proactive way, because while we are watching Rob Ford come crashing down, there is other stuff going on, other stuff that is going to mean far more to us all as a country in the long run. Things that will change our planet for our children, and not in a good way.

Let’s stop turning the other cheek Canada…let’s make red our color, but not because we are getting spanked for being stupid…


6 thoughts on “I feel the need to apologize…

  1. Beth Teliho

    Just glad it’s not us making the news in the “perv/druggy in office” category for once. lol. I just don’t get it, though. How the hell do they get away with it? I guess it pays to have power, huh? So frustrating. Sorry for you Canadians, truly.

  2. mjnightingale

    Man! I so agree….he has gone off the deep end…I feel so sorry for his wife! Ewwww…he is so offensive!
    But I must say…I like it when it’s your “week” Canada! lol
    In other words….your news is worse then ours for a change!

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