The big cut…

The big cut…

As you can see…I did it. After about nine years of having long hair. I don’t anymore.

I  feel free. I feel liberated. I feel like someone else.

I  don’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore.


It is a big change. It was a drastic step for me. I hid behind my hair, I fell into the trap that long hair is sexier than short hair. I don’t know, maybe it is to some people. I alas don’t really give a shit what some people think.

I don’t need to be sexy for anyone except Bruce.

Bruce seems to like it. A lot.

He keeps mentioning to me that I look like Jane Fonda. Apparently he has a fairly large crush on Jane Fonda. Who knew? I am running like hell with that one, because hell YA I want to look like Jane Fonda. I mean she is 75 years old  (cool fact: our birthdays are only four days apart) and she looks bloody fabulous. I am assuming that Bruce doesn’t think I look 75. Right?

And now I actually look at the pictures, we do have a vague resemblance. Except she is like a queen, and I am nothing but a mere princess with big hopes :)

donna and jane

And yes…I want to  be her when I grow up.

So when you take the plunge and cut 8 inches of hair off, things change.

I was ready for a change. I swore I wouldn’t have short hair again…the Universe always makes me change my plans, bad haircuts happen and you resign yourself to the fact that maybe it was meant to be. Maybe you spent far, far too much time getting ready in the mornings because of your damn hair.

Maybe you hid behind it, thinking it was what made you who you were. When it isn’t that at all.

Maybe it is time to be brave. To be different. To step out of that tiny little box where you feel safe, into the big real world…where you aren’t safe at all. Where you chance that things won’t go like you thought they would, they rarely do anyway…why not go big and take the plunge. Do something you never ever thought you would do. Just because you can.

Because it feels fucking GREAT.

I feel like I have taken another step in the right direction, down a road I haven’t walked before, everything is different, but everything is the same.

The good is staying, the bad is being cast aside.

I feel free. And surprised. And brave.

It’s been a pretty good week.

Have a great long weekend everyone…and don’t forget to give thanks. To the men and women who fight for us. For our freedom, our country…take a moment or two and remember.

We are so lucky.


17 thoughts on “The big cut…

  1. Lou

    Wow! I just had a wonderful OMG! moment. Crazy thing is that this same need for ‘liberation’ is happening to me right now.
    I’ve had long hair most of my life. Usually well past my shoulders, at times to the middle of my back, dyed light blonde, and flowing free. Well, the flowing free part took a lot of work: Flat-ironing every day. After moving to the country nine years ago and dealing with the hard-water, and having to dye it every month because I prematurely grayed, it started really taking a toll on my hair. It broke off underneath, I kept cutting it, and it kept getting shorter and shorter. Last week I went in and bravely said “Just cut it off all the way around to chin length in a bob”. The Old Man wasn’t that happy, but he didn’t say much. Still, that nagging feeling that I should just whack it all off into a pixie–like so many celebs are doing now–and let the gray ‘shine’ through keeps at me. I told the Old Man this morning I was going to go in today and have it cut the rest of the way. Within an hour he texted me and told me to hold-off; he was getting a water softener. Maybe it’s more than the damaged hair, though. I’ve been a slave to it forever and the thought of ridding myself of it does sound liberating. I’m so glad I read this and seen your cut. I LOVE IT! Perhaps it’s time for me to bravely go under the scissors and do something based on what I want and not what others expect from me. Am I brave enough? Just thinking about it makes me need a drink!

  2. @iamtomnardone

    Princess you are still a princess. The hair is completely badass. Good for you. Change can be a wonderful thing, and you really do look marvelous. You wait and see you are still gonna turn heads.

  3. Beth Teliho

    DONNA!!! I LOVE IT!!! No. Seriously. You look HOT. And amazing. So I’m on the couch with my 6yo who has uncanny fashion sense. I always ask him for advice on outfits and such, it’s hilarious. I open your site and say, oh my gosh, she did it! He jumps over and says what? I said, Donna, she cut off all her hair, look! *points* He shrugs. So I’m reading your post and then I see on the sidebar several photos of your with different lengths of hair. I said, Sawyer, look at all these photos. Which one do you like best? He looks and then picks the one with your new cut!!!
    DONE AND DONE!! You have Sawyer’s approval!!

    Also, I love your nose ring. I have one too. also HOT. You awesomerock.

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