Another year bites it…

Another year bites it…

Another year bites it…

It’s almost over…it’s that bittersweet week between Christmas and New Years, when you know you should stop eating pastry and chocolates, maybe scale down a bit on the drinking and think about getting back to something that resembles normal.

As you think that, you are actually putting one more shortbread in your mouth. I mean it’s just a thought. It’s only the 30th right?

I never make resolutions, because I suck at the follow through part.

I do know that with the kids gone, I could have made a third of the baking that I made and still have had more than enough. The only things annihilated right off were the sausage rolls and the tarts.

Apparently, according to my Dad…I make good tarts.

It was a whirlwind Christmas, and we just got back last night from our trip to Gibsons to see my brother’s family.

The Wee Prince and I bonded. I spanked him…I tickled him…I shared my ice cream with him and got him all wound up. I gave him noisy toys and sticks with balls to smash around for Christmas. I am going to say all and all it was a very successful visit, even though he still won’t admit that he likes spankings.

All that and there is still a week left of nothing to do…Tomorrow I am going to get a hair trim, and I am booking my day at the spa. Colton gave me a $100 gift certificate for anything I want. I am just having trouble deciding what to choose.

Do I pick an hour and a half massage? Or the facial and a manicure? Life is pretty freaking tough I’ll tell ya.

I am sooo looking forward to a little bit of me time.

I still haven’t found the downtime I need to feel ready to go back to school…I guarantee you I am not at that point yet.

So for one more week…I am going to  enjoy some quiet time, and the company that is keeping me from typing properly.

Meow meow

I am going to spend the week getting beautiful and relaxed, and ready to start a new year and a new semester all shiny, fresh and new.

The extra 15 pounds will eventually find it’s  way off  of my ass, without the resolutions I probably won’t keep anyway.

I am on the last leg to 50 now, there is no point trying to fool  anyone. Right?

Besides that, I still have a half of a pumpkin cheesecake to finish up.

It’s illegal to waste cheesecake. Seriously.

Happy New Years to you all!! May  2014 be fucking fabulous to all of us!! xoxo

5 thoughts on “Another year bites it…

  1. Beth Teliho

    I don’t know. I’m partial to pedicures. Sometimes they even have those chairs that knead your back during it. Those chairs are genius.

    You’re right. It is illegal to waste cheesecake!

    Happy you had a lovely visit with your fam. Bring on 2014!

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