Is there ever too much love???

Is there ever too much love???

Is there ever too much love???

I think not…

As I lay here in the dark, alone (well not alone, but Bruce is snoring beside me) with my crazy girl thoughts…it occurs to me, for not the first time this holiday season, how blessed my life is.

I need to remember that on the not so great days.

It is December 26th, exactly one day after my 20th time of turning 29.

I am at my parents.

We are sleeping out back in my Uncle’s fabulous trailer. Like seriously, this bitch is sweet. So sweet he might even get a big ole kiss the next time I see him.

Tomorrow, all hell will break loose here, and we have a place to sneak off too and do what we want. Even though I am more than sure, I will be the driving force behind said chaos.

My brother and his family will be here, and the day after that his Mother and Brother-in-law. Whom I have yet to meet. I have been told to behave.

Although I am fairly certain that my father will be the one that instigates 99% of whatever trouble we find. Trust me…I am not who I am by accident. No matter what he tries to tell you.

Being 49 has made me realize that even though certain things in your life change…so many things don’t. I know eventually they will…but I have found that I need to embrace the stuff I take for granted, and squeeze it hard.

Like this…


I mean, good God, how does that picture not make you smile? My Mom is freaking adorable. She is going to beat the hell out of me when she sees that picture, but I don’t care. It’s perfect. It’s who we are and what we do.

We are funny. We are goofy. I may have been slightly drunk as well. Never mind. It was my birthday.

The point is, I love who we are together. On every single level, we are awesome, and if I was ever given the chance to pick my family, I would do it the same way all over again. That is what I love about Christmas…

No matter what the chaos is or the shenanigans that will always go down…we love each other with all of our hearts. And we make each other laugh. It helps us get through the times when things get rough and nothing feels right.

It is what Christmas has always been to me, other than the fact I keep getting older on the same day…

It is love, it is family.

It is the changes that we see, and the ones we don’t.

It makes me thankful that the Universe gave me these people for my own.

It makes me remember to enjoy every crazy moment we have together…

Happy holidays to you all xoxo

6 thoughts on “Is there ever too much love???

  1. Vinny C

    Happy belated-Birthday & Happy Holidays to you. You’re right. Remembering the good times & the people we shared them with is possibly the best way to fight off those less than great days. Here’s to many more of those for you.

  2. deborah

    I love that photo Donna! So happy your Birthmas was wonderful, and excited for you to see Jim and his family tomorrow. Glad to have you in my chosen family :) HUG!!

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