Stumbling around…but I’m OKAY!!!

Stumbling around…but I’m OKAY!!!

Stumbling around…but I’m OKAY!!!

You know that commercial where the chick falls down and then gets back up again really quick like nothing actually happened? Ya, that’s how I feel this week. In a comical insane laughing fit kind of way.

To say that we are burning out is an understatement. BUT. We are nearly done for the semester.

This week is handing in our final projects, I have one animation that needs music added to it, which I will post next week, and then we are DONE.

Except for the three finals that take place in between the other two classes (that don’t have midterms in)…apparently next semester will be easier.

We can only hope.

And there is no PHP.

Thank you to the powers that be for THAT happy thought.

And then, once school is out for Christmas…

I bake.

I bake my ass off.

My parents are coming for Christmas and this is the first year that both my kids haven’t lived at home for any period of time. So they are gonna want baking. My Mom will be pissed if there are no shortbread and sausage rolls.

Mmm…sausage rolls.

I miss baking. And picture taking.  And sleeping in.

Christmas vacation has never looked so good. And I am now officially in my birthday month…oh yes I am!! This is my 2oth year of turning 29…Next year is the big 50. I would like to know where THAT half a fucking century disappeared too. I may just be too tired to process that right now…between relentless hot flashes.

So it looks like sleeping, baking, eating said baking, possibly some alcohol consumption, shopping and much sleep is on my list of things to do, I wouldn’t mind taking a picture or two as well, I feel like I am getting rusty in every department of my life.

Oh…and maybe I can push out more than a blog every two weeks. I was thinking of doing an overhaul on here as well, I am just going to see how I feel about that in a week or so :) I found a great new look  that I am excited about trying, but as all of you know…changing the theme usually means changing EVERYTHING around. I am not sure I am up for the task at this moment. We shall see what I get up to, unattended with no homework to do :)

For now, I should go…I have to get a scarf started…thank god I am good at being organized and I may possibly be able to catch up to Martha and Jaye-Anne even though I am two weeks behind.

Happy December 2nd everyone!!

9 thoughts on “Stumbling around…but I’m OKAY!!!

  1. ash

    I’m glad you’re doing ok :)Sounds like school is going well – I just started school again too. BRAIN NOT WORKING. But trying.
    Can’t wait to read about the baking and shopping and picture taking :)xx

  2. Bren

    Sounds like things continue to go in the right direction for you Donna! You’ve truly been on a fabulous journey! I just can’t wait to see where else it takes you! ;)

  3. Beth Teliho

    you had me at sausage rolls. :)

    This is my birthday month, too! (in fact, for me tomorrow!)Yippppeeee. Or not. haha! Let’s just drink copious amounts of wine and be 29 in our pretty little heads, mmmkay? Mkay.

    Good luck with studying, finals, and baking yummos! Enjoy time off with your family. That’ll be nice.

    Overhaul on your blog? Hmm. Interesting. Well, if it turns out as great as your hair I’m sure it’ll be awesomesauce! You know what you’re doing. I trust you.

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