Blinded by the light….

Blinded by the light….

Blinded by the light….

You know the song, right? I loved that song.

I have no clue why I felt the need to say that out loud.

It’s been a weird week. Things feel all discombobulated.

I couldn’t focus…on anything. If I wasn’t flitting around from one trivial task to another, I was trying to make an accurate self assessment, which is…in case you didn’t know, a shitty assignment.

I also had to read Ernest Hemingway. Now what the flaming hell is up with this guy?

He writes a story, published in 1927 called Hills Like White Elephants.

I read it twice, four times. I was like, what the HELL was that all about??

I once more, thanked the Universe for Google, for being there for people like me, who have just started to enter an unknown world, a land where I belong, yet stand at the entrance terrified to take the step forward to fall into it wholeheartedly.

Because, I don’t get it…but the joyful part of that unknowledge…is that before I am done, I will! I may not be what I know I can become, but I am certainly not afraid to try to become it.

I have turned some kind of an unexpected corner. I never saw even saw it coming.

I am standing back and reassessing. Making sure the direction that I am aimed in, is actually the right direction for me to go.

If it’s not, I need to clarify to myself where that actually is. The one thing this course will teach me, is that there are so many options to what you can do, what road you choose to take. It’s just a matter of finding open doors, or doors to open. Sometimes that is the hardest part, finding the direction to actually go in.

Did you know that there are actually JOBS doing Social Media??? ME NEITHER!! I think that is seriously something I could love. That and the fact that you can make absolutely killer money at it once you are known. AND I COULD ROCK IT!!! I tried to drop the course last week too, and take a different designing course. I couldn’t as it is a required course and now I am like…hmmm.

Crazy assed Universe.

Once again, I was heading right and trying to veer off left, and then all of a sudden there is the unexpected Ah-Ha moment. The epiphany. The knowing that what you need, is always what you get. What you ask for is sometimes different than what you really need, and no matter what you do, if it’s not supposed to be so, it won’t be.

So I am starting out the second week of school in a whole new groove.

Things are changing. Starting, well let’s say this morning.

I will keep you updated, and hopefully blog more often this semester than the last. I missed you guys. I missed writing. I kinda missed ME.

I am on a mission to bring Donna back. You should probably be just a little bit afraid :)

Happy Sunday night friends xo

6 thoughts on “Blinded by the light….

  1. laura

    Ah Donna, we missed you too! I actually work as part of a social media team, and yeah, these jobs exist! And they are fun. Oh and also, I am considering moving to Vancouver…. xx

  2. El Guapo

    Hills Like White Elephants? Brilliant! a story of two people whose relationship is over, and they each realize it in different ways.

    Your story above? Love it. Real life almost always makes a great story.

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