Google Me Baby…

Google Me Baby…

Google Me Baby…

In my Social Media class, we are branding ourselves. Not the kind of branding that would first occur to me…this is Personal Branding.

A kind of branding that requires not misbehaving.

And building a name for yourself online.

A name for your business.

Uh oh….because I am like everywhere as The Redneck Princess, but I have found a loop hole, one that my butt can barely fit through, but it’s still there.

If I Google myself with my middle initial, I am everywhere. If I Google myself as just me, without the middle initial, all that shows up is some pictures of criminal type chicks with my name. Lovely.  At least  there is nothing about me there, and thank god I have yet to do something damning online, so there are no skeletons hiding anywhere.

I hope. If you find any, please let me know.

And I have possibly decided what I want to specialize in when this is all done.

When I grow up, I would like to be a Social Media Marketer, which in English means that I will help small businesses and people just starting out to get their social media set up and working for them to their benefit.

I am need of a name, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind, well ME. I need something that makes you smirk and yet still want to hire me.

The only thing I have so far is “Sink or Swim Social Marketing”.  Because ya, it’s true. It’s also early days, so forgive me, but there could totally be fish involved in the logo. That makes me smile. Or turtles!! Oh it could really go either way. I am up for suggestions though, really…please don’t be shy.

Other than that, the only thing going on is reading, a lot of reading. Which I am good with, I am absolutely loving my English Literature class. Who the hell saw that coming? Not me, that’s for sure!! And I only cried for a few minutes with the Java Script, before I made the decision that this bitch is not getting taken down by code this semester. I will own it. Damn it.

I might even get half a day off tomorrow…

Have a great Saturday night all!!

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