The incredible cruelty our society exudes…

The incredible cruelty our society exudes…

The incredible cruelty our society exudes…

Never ceases to amaze me.

I am no Justin Bieber fan. Obviously. But the amount of rage aimed at this boy right now, is somewhat staggering.

How does a young boy (he is the same age as my youngest son) deserve that much hatred aimed at him?

I mean seriously, step back from the shitty crowd mentality that is so easy to fall into and give your head a shake.

What if Justin was YOUR son? What if maybe your son started to act out, decided that he didn’t want to be perfect. Didn’t want to be what everyone else wanted him to be. What if he just wanted to be a shitty 18 year old for a while. Would you bully him and make him feel like a piece of crap like you are all doing to Justin right now?

What were YOU doing when you were 18? Did you have millions of dollars? Did you have parents that seem to be enabling the bad behaviour? (His Dad was the one that shut down the road for him to drag race, his mom was the one that gave him the Xanax.)

No…you were probably trying to learn how to be a grown up, trying to get a feel for who you are as your own self. Which is hard enough on its own. Add all of the above to the mix and what exactly do you think is going to happen? Probably not much good.

But it is NOT HIS FAULT.

I am not excusing his crappy behavior. He is definitely being a bad boy. But think about this for more than 5 seconds and you will know I am right.

He is a victim of our society, of his parents, of having too much bloody money at far too young of an age.

He needs to be allowed to figure out who he is on his own, or he won’t make it through. He will either end up dead or broken and broke if he doesn’t get some really good help and a better support system around him. That is pretty much it, it is black and white with no grey area. And it is a sad reflection of our world today, because unfortunately for him, there isn’t much chance he is going to be allowed to be a human teenager. He is a superstar, falling or not, and there is no forgiveness for that. People forget that there is a scared and maybe troubled teenager in there trying to scream for help.

Every bad word that leaves your lips, every comment you leave on facebook or twitter that condemns him, contributes to that. It makes you a bully. It makes me very sad.

All I ask is that you put your child in his shoes. Put your child in his heart. Feel for him, the empathy you would feel for your own child if it was he who was acting out. Have a little bit of compassion in your heart instead of judging someone you have never met and know nothing about.

Break the circle of cruelty.

And maybe just be nice, or at least forgiving. No one is perfect. No one. It doesn’t matter what you pretend, you know it is true. So lets just get real about that and take a step back.

It is not for you to judge. And it is straight up bullying. Which we all know, isn’t acceptable behaviour.

Let’s all put on our big girl panties shall we, and slip the kid a break. Just like he was one of ours. See how that feels instead.

Spread some love this weekend instead…

Happy Saturday.

6 thoughts on “The incredible cruelty our society exudes…

  1. Hippie Cahier

    I don’t know much about this except what manages to pass by me in fleeting moments, following your same reasoning: he is a human child who has become a corporate commodity and it’s uncomfortable to watch.

    Not knowing the details (this is the first I’ve read of the closed road and the Xanax), I’m willing to give his parents a little bit of benefit of the doubt in that they may be fighting the corporate machine to remain a part of their child’s life. He’s at the age where it’s natural for him to rebel against them in order to separate into an adult persona and there are those who will exploit that to create the melt-down narrative that sells gossip magazines. I literally have a stomachache now.


    I’m not sure 100% but I think, only my personal opinion, is: A lot of money if you are not a person centered it is a roller coaster in your life.

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