Where the hell am I?

Where the hell am I?

Where the hell am I?

I am certainly not blogging. Like ever, apparently. Not sure what the hell is up with that. I haven’t really been doing much else either really, which I suppose could be why I have absolutely nothing productive to say.

We went wood hunting a few times, I got a third of the pictures I usually take, and not one of them really floats the boat.

I am a wee bit terrified that the things I usually love to do are slipping away from me, and I am not sure why.

We did get abducted for a short time by Aliens…


All good, they were nice.

My Mom thinks they take a bad picture. I was more like, best picture EVER!!

How many other people do you know that get to hang with the Aliens? At Christmastime??? I mean nobody.

I have recently realized that I have less than 48 hours left  before I am back at school again.

There should be more excitement, I should be more raring to go, but seriously it is kind of like high school, the only thing  I feel like I am missing is my friends.

Though I did get three of my books for English yesterday.

New books are good…and two of them are novels, that I pretty much guarantee you, will make me their muse before three weeks is up. Nearly sure it won’t be in a good way.

I have to admit that I am really glad I only took the 8 month course instead of the 2 year. I will be good and done in April. Even though I am going to brag a bit and say I got bitchin’ great marks the first term. I just hope that I really take away from the course, the skills I will need to do what I want to do, in the last month, I have had my doubts.

One way to look at it, is that I am gathering information I certainly never had before, some of it useful. Some of it has been broken up with, booted to the curb with not a moment of remorse for walking away and never looking back that way again. Until I start Javascript, on Wednesday.


The other thing I realized over the holidays, is that the second my fingernails get long, and I leave them that way. I turn into a freaking girlie girl. What the flaming hell is up with that? I worry about breaking a nail…I can’t type worth shit…I AM WEARING NAILPOLISH ON MY FINGERS FOR CRAP SAKE!!!!

The final realization I have had, is that my kids are grown up, like really grown up and don’t need me the way they used to anymore. I guess I would have done it wrong if they hadn’t, but it still makes me shed a tear. I do have to say out loud how seriously proud and blessed I am to have the boys I have, they have grown into amazing beings…

Things are all crazy. I am not really sure why.

But I kind of like it…I am going with the flow and feeling the New Year up from the bottom to the top.

A New Year is always going to be awesome when you get abducted in the first week, or so I have heard.

I will fill ya in next week on the school happenings, for now enjoy the couple of pics that did actually turn out.

And Happy New Year to you all, thanks for hanging in there with me xoxo







10 thoughts on “Where the hell am I?

  1. Beth Teliho

    Hey, I took a 2 week blog hiatus too. Sometimes we need that. No pressure to get anything on the page. If you dont feel it, you don’t feel it.

    Beautiful photos!!! And YES to the alien abduction. That’s got to be good luck, right?

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Yep, recharging is good, I also don’t want to blog if I have absolutely nothing to say. Which I indeed didn’t. Then it is just forced and dumb, I hate it when that happens. And hell ya, the abduction was GOOD!

  2. Irving

    Well, you may be feeling the winter slug blues, but the pictures you posted are great! So if nothing else I enjoyed your post for the pictures sake (LOL)! Hang in there, things will get better as like takes on a sense of normality…

  3. HoaiPhai

    Guess what? This hiatus you’re having is just temporary. I’ve been away for ages and have been itching to get back but have had serious demands on my time (how does a work schedule that involved 8 hours on, 6 off, 4 on, 6 off and then started all over again, then mixed day and night shifts and only one day off at the end of the week)., plus I was simultaneously being trained to upgrade and training a new guy myself. I haven’t gone out to do any serious picture taking since I had an assignment in August and I’m kind of spooked… Can’t seem to work up the courage to pick up that 25 lb. camera bag and get back on the horse. Maybe I should do a post about photography and kill two birds with one stone, eh?. It’s now slow at work for a while so I’ll be blogging my ass off whenever I can.

    Just give us what you can when you can and have fun doing it… blogging shouldn’t be a chore or obligation.

    By the way, that sassy short hair of yours looks great! I also like the long curly look you used to have but, hey, that’s men for ya!

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