And yes…this post is NOT about football…

And yes…this post is NOT about football…

And yes…this post is NOT about football…

And yes...this is NOT about football

Because I will be totally honest with you here, I. just. don’t. care. Don’t throw your chicken wings and nachos at me, it won’t matter. I have never been, nor will ever be interested in football, hell this year hockey can’t even keep my interest.

So instead of doing what the entire rest of North America is doing, I have decided to NOT do my Javascript homework and do a blog post instead.

I figured that maybe I should do an update and let you all know what I have been up too.

So mostly school. Duh. I don’t think you expected anything different did you?

In all truth, I haven’t even left the house at ALL for three days. And I still don’t have all my homework finished. Because I am blogging instead, though I did get my personal branding project done, which was huge…and took me far longer than I expected it to take. I am really glad I didn’t blow it off until Wednesday morning before class, like I was going to. I got it done today because it doesn’t FEEL like homework. I love doing it. It was that or Javascript, and that can totally wait until tomorrow.

The other little project I have going on the side, is a new blog for my new business. It started out innocently enough, but has now morphed into this huge monkey on my back, that I won’t be able to stop thinking about until it is finished. Luckily Bluehost is holding me back until at least tomorrow though.

I tried to have a blog on the free WordPress site, but once you have the freedom of a self hosted blog, you just can’t possibly go back to no control and even less cooperation.

It is like trying to go back to driving a beater once you have driven a BMW…or a Mustang. You know what I mean right? I spent an undisclosed amount of time, until like 2 in the morning last night trying to make the ridiculous site do anything I wanted it too do. WordPress won. I did NOT accomplish my mission. So instead, in my pea brain, right in the back…I knew that there was a way to link up this site, which I already pay for, and use it to my full advantage with another blog. I was right. I can.

I just can’t do it until tomorrow now. Because of

I do love though, just so you don’t think I am bashing them in any way. I am not, well…not really.

And on another totally awesome note, one of my blog beauties Laura from Laughter is catching, is heading to my neck of the woods in spring! I am SO excited to meet her!! It is so cool to meet someone that you know from blogging in real life and I am seriously excited about giving her a great big hug when I finally get to meet her. There are even rumors she might move here!! It is beautiful…and once you come here, you never want to leave. We also get nearly as much rain as she does back home too, so it won’t be a surprise to live in a rain forest :)

So that is about it for this week, I hope you are all keeping well, if there is anything new and exciting that I seriously need to know about, please feel free to add a comment and let me know!! I miss you all!!

Happy Ignoring the Superbowl day everyone!!!

8 thoughts on “And yes…this post is NOT about football…

  1. Colleen Jones

    Heh Donna! Just looking around on here and came across your blog. I must say you definitely have a way with words and you left me laughing and wanting to read more! Good luck with your schooling!

  2. Tom Nardone

    Hey princess I am glad you decided to blog instead of JavaScript. It is really confusing I went through it myself. I don’t remember it though. Your site really does look nice and I am sorry I have not been around much. I have been working on my book and not reading much. Have a great week lady.

  3. Mimi

    No superbowl for me! But I did make bratwurst…
    I have been very lucky with
    But I do read a lot of negative stuff!

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