It’s like coming home…

It’s like coming home…

It’s like coming home…

I have decided to take the night off from homework. I shouldn’t, but I am going to. I should be doing JavaScript. Nuff said.

Today in Social Media class we were talking about blogging, and why people do it. There are many reasons as you all know, some do it for money, some do it for fame, and some of us do it for fun.

I have been working on a blog for the new business for the last week, I am having a far harder time setting it up than I ever did with this one. Mostly because I have to be professional. It’s never really been something I have had to think about before, so it doesn’t come all that easily to me.

Not like this site has. I have always felt this site was a labor of love. Even though sometimes I am politically incorrect, I definitely swear too much and tend to be somewhat opinionated, I always feel that I can be myself here, that there are no pretenses and I don’t need to pretend that I do or don’t feel something.

I think that is what intrigued me about blogging when I first discovered it. It was a long time ago when I read that epiphany (to me) post, one that had gone viral. After I finished reading the story, I realized that the woman who had written the post was just a normal housewife and Mom, who probably never in a million years expected her post to cause such controversy. I am not speaking for her, I have never met her, or had a conversation with her, I just know, that reading her post changed everything for me, and opened up a door  that I actually didn’t even know was there. I am thankful to her for that. Here is the blog post that made me sit up and think, hell ya…you go girl!! I was blown away by her candor and her fire, and I wanted to be able to express myself like that. So I started my first public blog on It was rough and tumble and totally bland with a few of the very first posts carried over from the blog I wrote but never had the guts to let the world see before that, but it was my start, it is how I met a lot of you, and for that I am thankful.

I am not really sure where I am going with all this, I just felt that I needed to come tonight and post. Something. Anything. To just sit and write and remember why I love blogging so much. Why I started. Why I almost need it in my life to keep me a little bit sane. I thought maybe it would give me more of a feeling for the new blog, to give me a little more direction about where I want that to lead me.

And I wanted to say thanks to Sarah, for something she doesn’t even know that she did, her blog influenced me to have the guts to start writing and actually publishing for the world to read. Even though I didn’t think anyone would care, it was an outlet that made me feel good. To put it down and to hit publish, and just take a chance. Amusingly enough, it was exactly five years ago this week that I wrote my first words in a blogger blog, it took me a few years before I actually had the guts to put them online for others to read.

It really does feel like home here, and I am really glad that I had the guts to hit that button and jump into the pool. And thank you to all of you, for being part of the fun and for keeping me amused with your posts and comments.

I look forward to what is ahead of me, I want to say I will try and behave myself, that I will try and not make my Dad phone me up and tell me not to swear on my blog so much, but why start to pretend I am someone that I am not now? Right? And thanks for tagging along for the crazy ride, I really do appreciate all of you xoxox

10 thoughts on “It’s like coming home…

  1. Ned Hickson

    Great post, and one that illustrates how the things we do sometimes happen for a reason in others’ lives. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself… ;)

  2. Beth Teliho

    No, don’t try to behave yourself! I love it when you vent and cuss. That’s why I adore you – you’re the real deal.

    You win for cutest kid picture ever, btw. I’m assuming that’s you at the top of the post.

    I’m glad this blog is “home” to you! Keep coming home!

    good luck with your professional site. :)

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Thank you for all of the above gushery Beth, I appreciate it all. And yep that is me on the tractor, I was the first Grandbaby and only girl…I went everywhere with my granddad that he would take me….still miss him, every single day.

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