Out With The Old…

Out With The Old…

Out With The Old…

And in with the new…right?

This week has definitely been a whirlwind for me. There have been many changes in our lives over the last few weeks, some I will share, some I won’t. Just know it is all for the awesome!!

At the beginning of the week, something possessed me to relist my Mustang on Craigslist. I am not even sure why I did it, I mean it’s February, no one is thinking “Mustang” in the snow right? Wrong.

Within two days I had a reply. Like a real reply, from a real guy, who I google stalked…and found out that he did indeed exist… and right here in our little town. We sent a couple of messages back and forth, and on Saturday he and his son came and looked at my car.

And made me an offer.

Which I accepted.

Based of course on his getting it inspected. I don’t foresee anything going wrong, but as you all know, it could. I came down about two grand in my price, so if they do find anything that would make him want more money off of the deal, I would have to walk away. I am already giving him a screaming deal from where I started out at. I have nothing to lose by keeping her if the price isn’t what I want.

I have accepted inside myself that it is time to let her go…and I forgot to mention, the car appears to be for the kid. I made the kid promise to take care of her, or I would hunt him down and break a limb, his father agreed that if he didn’t love her like I did, that Daddy would have a new stang.

I know I can’t pick and choose where she goes, and I was kind of hoping for her to leave town so I wouldn’t see her driving around, but I really am ready. I had her for 14 years. I obsessed, I loved and now…I seem to have moved on. Such is love sometimes.

The other new excitement is our bathroom floor. I am going to have to sign some kind of disclaimer here, because I am the one that started this, and I am totally not the one who finished it. In my own defense, I have before owned the fact that I can be an unfinisher. This was one of those times.

I have hated my cheap ugly bathroom floor since the day I moved in here. The picture on the top is the old floor. For some reason, right out of the blue, I decided that I had sat in that room enough times looking at that stupid ugly floor. And that was that. Off to Home Depot we went.

I then came home and proceeded to rip the shit out of the old floor, so again, in my defense, I did do something. As of last night, we were left with a wooden sticky mess for a floor, with no toilet.

I had full intentions today of doing the tile. I have in the past somehow succeeded in doing my 300 square foot basement floor, and the one in my kitchen, which both turned out pretty good.

But as I sat on the floor, looking at the tile, I realized that I probably didn’t have the skill I was going to need to do that tiny little totally overwhelming bathroom floor.

So I decided to wait for Bruce to come home, and I started to do my also overwhelming homework.

And Bruce, amazing beautiful love of my life sweetheart that he is…has now mostly finished the floor.

the new floor

It is so much more fabulous than the other tile, and even though it is just sticky tiles, and only cost me $38 all total…I love it!!

While Bruce finished the job I started,  I worked on my not even close to finished, nearly due business plan, and my two much disliked typography assignments. Did I mention I am on reading break at school? Have I also mentioned that reading break is a huge fucking farce? It is not really a break at all, it is  a week that you get off of school to finish the 50 assignments that your teachers pile in your freaking lap while they try to drown you in academic shit that you can’t possibly remember because there is just. too. much.

And I volunteered to work on Thursday. Which in hindsight was probably not all that smart, but at least it will get me out of the house doing something I love, and know how to do. So there is that.

And I am now, more than halfway through the semester, with two midterms down and the hardest two still to go. I am skating through it on my ass. That is how it’s feeling anyway. So nothing new there.

I am really looking forward to being done in April. Like really looking forward to it. With all my heart and soul and burning up brain matter.

And maybe, just maybe, I might actually be able to have next weekend off before we get back to the last month and a half of the semester, I am not holding my breath mind you, but you never know.

And I will let you know how much I cry as my car drives out of my life forever…you know I will, no matter how tough I pretend I am.

Have a great week folks xoxo

4 thoughts on “Out With The Old…

  1. deborah

    Imagine the instant street cred your beautiful car will allow that young man. He will turn cool the instant he turns the key. You have made it so. You’re pretty awesome…glad Bruce is making your beautiful floor dreams a reality. Hugs.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Well I hope it gives him even a wee bit of the joy it has given me, as well as the confidence, knowledge and the friends I have made because of her, I will always carry all of that with me forever…Love you Deb xoxo

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