The End Of An Era…

The End Of An Era…

The End Of An Era…

As my brother so eloquently posted on facebook today concerning the fact that I have indeed…just sold my 67 Mustang.

I did it. I am still a little amazed that I have done it. I can honestly say back in the day, when I first bought her, I never thought the day would come when I would be where I stand today. Stangless. I spent 14 years of my life being faithfully head over heels in love with her.

I have to say, it doesn’t feel bad. In fact I feel pretty damn good about making the decision to sell her and I didn’t cry at all, so I am sure I made the right choice. It is an amazing thing to think something through and be sure that you are making the right call. Surprisingly obviously that has never been my strong point.

Without a doubt, I have loved every single minute of owning a classic car…I am so grateful to have had the experiences I have had, and to have met the people that I now know and love from being involved in the car scene.

I was thinking today, that it isn’t really the car I will miss so much, though I am sure there will be moments, but the fun we had while we were out showing them off.

I know now, that owning Jezebelle was about something totally different than just having a cool car. It was about the friends you make, the good times you have and the laughs that you share together. It’s what brings you together, not what holds you together. I never would have found Cathy if it weren’t for showing off. So don’t ever let your Mom tell you that it is a bad thing to do. It’s not, you meet forever friends that way.

Cathy and Donna

I still have all the amazing memories we made, back in the beginning, which honestly feels like a million years ago now…when the carshow in Sechelt was just starting out, and we partied in the barn with all of our cars in the field the night before the actual show. We had so much fun and so many laughs.

The carshow at Ford every year in Parksville, with the BBQ on Friday night, a little drunken mini golf with a usually hungover show the next day, I have years worth of memories and the fun we had. I still have that feeling in my heart.

Today, I saw in the eyes of the man buying my car, that excitement. That anticipation. That love. I know he will love her, and I hope that he enjoys owning her and working on her as much as I did.

I feel free tonight. Free of the guilt that I have been feeling for not driving such a beautiful car, of not having the time or money to devote to it the way I know she deserves.

It was time to move on for me, time to pass the happiness on to someone else, in a way… to pay it forward.

The money in the bank lessens the pain a bit too. I think I need some new boots.

And I have some Mustang Memorabilia to sift through…Ebay is gonna love me next month. And if you are a Mustang friend of mine, you might be getting some presents coming up soon. Just give me some time. I want to go slowly.

Because in as much as I know I made the right choice, I still just sold part of my heart, part of my soul, part of who I have become. I just know that what I have taken away from the whole experience is so much more than the metal…it’s the love, the laughter…the experience of it all. For that I am thankful because I know that it will be with me forever, and I hope that I have passed that on.

Enjoy my baby Chris, I hope she makes you as happy as she made me :)


2 thoughts on “The End Of An Era…

  1. Bren

    Can’t believe you did it gf but it must have been time. Things changes and so do our priorities. I’ll still always love that car. :)

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