When blogging flies out the damn window…

When blogging flies out the damn window…

When blogging flies out the damn window…

As it will for me, when I have more things to do than three people should ever even try to attempt. Some days I think someone should not only just think about giving me a good swift smack upside the head, but should actually really do it. What is wrong with you people?

So let me recap the last week and a half, I will try to explain my guilt free absence.

Where to begin. I suppose at the beginning is as good a place as any.

So this portion of my week all began because of my Social Media teacher, you know…the one I wasn’t sure of in the beginning? Well turns out I really do like her, she is innocent and real and doesn’t have any problem owning it when she screws up. More than a lot of us can say, but that is neither here nor there.

My point is, that most of this is her fault.

You see, a few weeks ago she turned us on to Podcasting, I had never heard of that before. No clue what was involved. It interested me enough that when I got home I downloaded a Podcasting app onto my Ipad.

Everything changed from there. You see, I have a serious issue with just listening to the radio on my drive to school, the stations here rarely play anything that I can stomach for any length of time (no offense Steve…love YOUR show) and I needed to find something to listen to that would keep me engaged and amused on the drive.

Enter Podcasting.

And Seek and Destroy.

Now, these boys are FUN, with capital letters. They swear like sailors, which we all know I love, and they are fucking sorry Dad hilarious.

They are also in tune to themselves spiritually. Which for some reason I am really in need of right now. And did I mention they are funny? Anyway, they are. I started to listen to their podcasts faithfully, after sifting through about 50 others than nearly made my spirit want to fuck the hell off instead of being pondered.

During one of the first podcasts Brett starts talking about a process he is working on called The Presence Process. I know exactly what you are thinking right now…oh man, not this shit. Right? Who needs to be spiritually blah, blah, blah…

Apparently I do.

I start to read about this process and I learn that there is nothing attached to it. Nothing at all, it is about living in the moment, dealing with your shit head on, and being. Here. Now. Who does that? Hardly anyone really, and definitely not me. It is a ten week program, I am now nearing the end of week one..I am not going to bore you with the details, if you are interested you will certainly find your own way to it, like I did.

I have found that I am inside myself a lot in this first week, which has made it hard for me to really have any interaction that has seemed to make any sense. As I type this, I wonder if this will make sense :)

I have found the NEED to be outside in the last few days, I need the beach…like I needed it when I was a kid. You forget things like that when you grow up, don’t you? I used to go to the beach and just sit there for hours and hours, by myself thinking. I can’t remember the last time I did that, but as I was trying to finish a homework assignment yesterday, walking down the beach, it came back to me and nearly knocked my ass right over. Cool. Yes indeed.

So that and the usual homework woes are in full swing, though knowing that school will be over in a month gives me great joy intermingled with a bit of sadness that this routine I have learned to embrace and the new friends I have made will all soon be a memory…well not the friends, I plan on keeping them, but the way things are right now today. So I am trying to just love the hell out of it, even the JavaScript.

And spring is in the air…I know this because I can’t stop cleaning things, it could just be that the sun is out, and you can see all the neglect that I have failed to otherwise notice. Ya, actually that is probably totally it, but regardless, I am totally winning and the dirt is not. Well for this week anyway, I am sure it will all go to hell in a handbasket again in no time.

Also, for those of you that know him, it was my lovely brothers 47th birthday yesterday, I got him a really cool card and even personalized it. It is still in my purse. He lives in the extreme great white north. I do not. He probably isn’t gonna get the card on time. Though to my sister credit, I have tried to call him twice, and shot him the ever popular happy birthday on facebook.

Facepalming myself pretty hard right now.

So for now, that pretty much covers what is going down here. It’s all good and very aware  if nothing else. Oh and clean, let’s go with that one as it seems to be fairly rare these days.

Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!! xox


8 thoughts on “When blogging flies out the damn window…

  1. Beth Teliho

    Wait, I think I might need this in a big way. I love when life gives you exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. I have no idea how to download the app (if you linked to it in your post I’ll look when I’m done here). I need some swearing, funny people in my life right now. Either that, or I’m going back to therapy! jokingnotjoking

  2. Claire

    Sounds like a very healthy choice you made! I find it so important to get out of myself, to be engaged in what is happening at a given moment, rather than constantly lost in a deep daydream! It’s an uphill battle for me, but definitely worth it!

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Hi Claire :) It is soo hard to be in the moment all the time, but wow do things ever change :) I am going to head over and check you out, and by that, I totally mean your post!! Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Bren

    Life happens Donna. Don’t beat yourself up about it. We all have other priorities than blogging especially when it’s a hobby. We’ll always be here when you post. :)

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