567 Spam…

567 Spam…

567 Spam…

Seriously, that is like 29 pages of spam in my spam catcher. If only it did anyone any good at all. Ever.

I have had a spammy kind of day. You know when you can go back through your day, file what you need and throw the rest in the trash? Well a lot of it has been spam today. Some days are just like that, right?

You pick out the good bits, and chuck the rest, because it will really never benefit you in any way that is memorable, or useful. Kind of like this…

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What mom would not like a flower made of cold very difficult income?
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Karen Millen Colourblock Beaded Python Print DQ265 Dress Black Friday

I mean what does that even mean? What mom would not like a flower made of cold very difficult income? Well I am thinking ME for starters. And what does that have to do with whatever she is trying to spam over on us? There is so much random crap involved in that post, I don’t have a clue how to start separating it.

I also love the ones that are about 4000 lines long, and mix about 6 languages together, I thought I would spare you all that…but trust me, it’s true. I really need to start checking my spam every day or two instead of being absent and trying to play catch up after a whole week. It’s just not worth the 20 minutes I lose of my life, because of course I check every one of those 29 pages to make sure I don’t throw an actual comment away.

I am into week 7 into the Presence Process now, and things are starting to make sense to me that I would have never even thought of before. Learning to live in the moment and hug that five year old little girl inside yourself is a fairly life changing process if you are ready for it. Your past perspective seems a little bit redundant and useless.

Kind of like spam.

All of a sudden you realize, that the stories you tell and the fluff that surrounds pretty much everything we do, is all just that. Fluff. Denial. Aversion of what you feel at THAT moment.

We waste so much life floundering around in the spam, that we miss shit. Big shit. Life changing shit. That is happening right this second!!! Not last week or in a month.

It kind of pisses me off that it took me 49 and a half years to figure this out!! What a waste of good moments!!!

I am hoping that if I pay really good attention to the next (hopefully) 30 years, I can make up for my lack of attention for a good part of the first 49. I am not very good at math though, so that may just be way off base.

I just know that right now, being back at work full time, working hard physically and on my feet for 8 hours straight…I am so bloody thankful. Hard work just FEELS good. I am on my first full week back, and I am so exhausted when I get home, that really not much other than some meditation, dinner and possibly some feeble weight lifting takes place. I am determined to get back into shape and no amount of exhaustion is going to dissuade me from that goal. I then sleep like the dead.

And mostly. I don’t have any damn homework.

And The Castle is getting a do over, like this one…

new yard no fence

You see a long time ago, I made some decisions that weren’t based on things that were actually my own personal choices. But that is neither here nor there at this point, when I bought this house, I was in love with my side yard.

I had visions of sitting out in the shade sipping on a cider, unwinding from my day.

That never happened due to the death of the huge and diseased cherry tree, and an unruly doberman pinscher, who we thought just needed a fence so she wouldn’t run into traffic to her demise. I ended up giving her back to the SPCA before she bit someone in the face…or ran under a semi while chasing the tires, both of which were inevitable things to come.

But the fence stayed, it was sort of but not really keeping the deer out, and the dogs never want to hang out there without us, so we decided at the last minute not to fix it up, but to rip it right the hell out. It will make mowing so much easier. The gardens will now have different plantings, one garden with stuff the deer don’t eat, and the other will be walled off from them in it’s own little entity.

And we are putting the wood that we were originally going to use for the now non existent fence, to make the fence that goes to the road beautiful…

side yard

I would love to plant another tree there, but the cherry stump is already annoying enough, so I have to get rid of that first.

That is the happenings around here for now, and I am exhausted, so I will bid you so long…I hope to actually really have a Sunday shots this week, but I keep saying it and never actually accomplishing it, so we will see.

Happy Hump Day to you all!! xox

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