And the end has arrived…

And the end has arrived…

And the end has arrived…

It was inevitable, it is so amazingly amazing, that there nearly are no words to describe how grateful I am for the experience of my life.

And by all of that, I mean School. Is. Over.

It was impossibly hard, exhausting and life consuming.

But worth every second of it.

When I first started the adventure to get smarter, I seriously didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into. I never thought that for the next eight months I would live, eat and breathe web design. It never occurred to me that coding was going to be algebra and some language spoken in tongues, that I was actually at some point supposed to understand.

I never expected to make lifer friends that are not going to ever get rid of me…

I have learned the lesson, that not all teachers are created equally, and that the class you expected to sail through, would prove to be one of the most frustrating and stressful parts of the eight months.

I never in a million years imagined that me going to school and getting an A in anything was going to be something real.

I am proud of how hard I worked, how stubborn I am, how much I learned and how much school has helped me grow.

The changes that I have come away with are something that no one can teach in a class. Most of my best teachers have been people that don’t even know what they have done. For that I am so grateful. I have been stunned continually by the awesomeness the Universe has chosen to surround me with.

My priorities have changed in every way…on every level…in ways that words can never explain. At least not in a way that wouldn’t make me sound like a nut job to anyone but a chosen few.

I will spare you that :) you are welcome.

So while things are still drastically changing in this crazy life of mine, for a while I will be back to normal, back to work at the garden centre for the busiest month of the season, at full tilt run, with actual days off!!!! I can barely contain my skipping around.

I plan on doing insane amounts of yard work, with a new appreciation of how awesome being outside in bare feet working in the dirt makes you feel.

We bought thirteen new goldfish for our ponds today. I have new babies.

And speaking of babies, I am sure I have yet to welcome the new edition to our wee family!!! What a lame auntie I have been…we have a new wee prince , his name is Jack Douglas…and he is a beautiful little prince at that.

I can hardly wait to meet him in real life…


I plan on being back now, blogging on a regular basis and posting my weekly Sunday shots, I can’t wait to replace homework with the things I love, old and new.

Taking with me on the big adventure all the newness I have been shown, the love and friendship I have found, and the little girl inside me who has been reborn, alive with curiosity,  joy and thankfulness for well…just about everything.

I am so glad to be back xox

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