Freight trains and hits of acid…

Freight trains and hits of acid…

Freight trains and hits of acid…

I think that maybe I have schooled my way off of the internet.

And by that I mean that I have no desire to sit on the computer for 14 hours a day. Which is good I suppose, because then I actually have a real life, interacting with people and stuff. Not that you aren’t all people, I know that you are, but I can’t touch you. Or like…make eye contact.

Okay, the touching comment might be a little creepy. I didn’t mean TOUCH you touch you…well I did, but not like that. Okay, maybe I should just move on, you get the idea though right?

It’s kinda funny how I spent the last 8 months drowning  immersed in school and now I feel like it is the farthest thing from my grasp. How the hell does anyone ever decide what they want to be when they grow up? All I am feeling now is that I want to work in a garden centre forever, I am so glad to be back at work.

I know that once I recover from sitting on my ass for 8-15 hours a day I will slowly rebound back to the computer. Maybe for once in my life I will be able to understand and make some balance happen. I am not very good at that shit though, it is usually all or nothing with me. So maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath.

I have decided that I will never ever again go back to work at the Garden Centre at the end of April. When you start out in February like I usually do, there is enough time to get your shit together after being off all winter and slowly ease back into the program.

When you start at the end of April, after brain exploding schooling, you may as well be running in front of a speeding freight train with your eyes closed after doing a hit of acid.

Not that I have any idea about either of those things Mom…

Really, there were no trains where I grew up.

I am lucky that the people I work with, somehow understand that I have been thrown in at full tilt and my head is still catching up to everything that goes on at 400 miles an hour around us.

My boss also told me that my old men at the shop have been asking about me. Where I was…you know, the girl with all the tattoos. I would be endeared by that, well I was a little, but I think maybe its time I get a new name tag…(I promptly lost mine after we got them, like two years ago) because even though I have been there for ten years, my name eludes people.

I have also have continual comments about my hair. As you know I whacked about 12 inches of it off in October. I have since decided that this was a grave error in judgement, and when trying to recreate yourself, you should just leave your hair the hell alone. People do notice though. It’s funny because the reactions are totally opposite of what I ever expect. The men that notice, and there have been a couple of the old guys that seem to pay attention, seem to like it.

The women on the other hand are like…oh, you cut your hair. You know with that tone that insinuates  that you made a gigantic mistake and what the hell were you thinking. Unless they have short hair themselves, and then I am readily accepted into the women with short hair club. Which I totally appreciate. For some reason I find myself needing to explain how it started out as a trim and then just slowly went sideways at train and acid speed.

*Insert Mom disclaimer here.

Though from the bits and pieces that I remember that could be a funny post.

Kids…don’t do drugs. Really. Especially psychedelics…save those til you are older and will possibly understand the trip you are going to take.

I should probably move on from here before it goes somewhere that I can’t get back from.

I am on my fourth cup of coffee, on my first day off. I have some yard work to take care of. I should probably get out there before the predicted rain shows up and wrecks all my plans.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

5 thoughts on “Freight trains and hits of acid…

  1. Beth Teliho

    I had Donna on the brain today and wanted to hop over and see wassup with one of my favorite tatted blogger chicks. (for the record, I LURVE YOUR HAIR!!)

    Happy that YOU are happy about being back at work.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Donna on the brain sounds terrifying. Sorry about that :) all is excellent here, I am on days off preparing to go back tomorrow for THE busiest day of the season and afterwards the beer and pizza celebration we always have at our bosses afterwards, I have passed the torch onto one of the new girls to be the life aka drunk girl of the party this year, I need a break :) thanks for stopping in beauty xo

  2. El Guapo

    That routine at work after months of stress is great.
    Just don’t get caught up in it. We expect great things!!!

    I know I must have been, but I can’t remember ever being high on a train…

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