Gardening Lesson #1…

Gardening Lesson #1…

Gardening Lesson #1…

I figured it was time for a gardening post. I mean why not, since I haven’t been posting at all, at least when I do I should post something useful right?

Well today I have some good advice.

I have been brought up vegetable gardening my whole life, I love the feeling of picking something from the garden and eating it. Many times it doesn’t actually make it to the table. It’s a stand in the yard and eat it right there kind of thing.

Over the last couple of years, our lab and I have spent many an hour standing by the pea patch. I eat the peas, she eats the shells. It is kind of the perfect arrangement for a dog that seems to think she is a deer. She also loves kale flowers and tomatoes.

And Fish meal.

Note to self, don’t use the following awesome mix of organic fertilizer when you have a black lab, you will come outside and find her licking the dirt. Seriously.

This morning when I went outside, the wee patch where I planted my greens was just a mess of dog prints, and the soil was licked clean of fish meal, it will now be a totally messed up patch of lettuce, arugula and spinach, instead of the nice straight rows I originally planted. So much for OCD.

And this will happen…

deadass tomato

To be honest, I am not sure that this mess wasn’t due to the obnoxious starlings that are nested right in the corner of our garage or the dog, but my tomato is very dead and the squash that were growing there have been almost totally decimated. Everyone is a suspect.

But how can you get mad at this face?


So back to the fertilizer, if you want a kick butt organic mix to make your tomatoes grow, and you have a garden that is safe from the licking of black labs…try this, it will make enough for about 10 tomato plants.

3/4 cup glacial rock dust

3/4 cup fish meal

3/4 cup lime

3/4 cup rock phosphate

I have used this mix for a couple of years now, it is super easy and you will have amazing tomatoes. You can either put it under the plants or mix it up and spread it on the soil around your already planted ones. ( I put it in the soil before planting, but the dog still found it with her doggie powers.)

Kale also loves it…this baby has at least doubled in size in the last week!!


And just because it is Wednesday and you probably need something bright and sunshiney…


Happy Hump day everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Gardening Lesson #1…

  1. Laura

    I never thought I would be interested in gardening, but since we got our own little balcony I have herbs, tomatoes and sunflowers starting to grow. And I’m really enjoying it!

  2. Janis Cormier

    Hahaha, I caught my yellow lab scarfing radishes in the garden yesterday… I was weeding carrot seedlings and when I turned my back she started pulling them out and carrying them off to the other side of the yard to eat… the crunching gave her away though!

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