Breaking the silence…

Breaking the silence…

Breaking the silence…

If you read the title and thought, oh sweet…there is something juicy coming. FINALLY…

I am probably going to disappoint the hell out of you.

Hell…I am disappointed. I mean what is with me these days?

I have pondered this many times in the last month or so. I mean I have the fact that work has been stupid busy (which is awesome) then I come home to the Castle chores and I may as well just throw painting the kitchen and next up the bathroom in on the gig. Apparently I am some kind of dummy.


But I am still not writing.

Honestly this isn’t going to bode well for my career change either. I have pretty much no desire to sit at the computer at ALL anymore.

First time in like…ever.

And no one has done anything super stupid lately. Myself included. I mean even Miley is keeping her freaking tongue in her mouth.

I am also trying not to complain, because seriously, there is absolutely nothing to bitch about.

Life is pretty damn amazing.

Although…I kind of wish I was about 29 years younger when I get home from work and finish the watering and then sit down for 10 minutes, never to get up and walk around normally again for the rest of the night from sheer exhaustion and/or muscles seizing up. Whichever, pick one.

Getting old is hard. Harder yet when your head is still sure that you are about 12, and you should be able to run faster, or at all.

It has occurred to me that maybe I should start running. It really appeals to me in my head. And would more than likely be beneficial right? Then once I stop laughing, I seriously consider that I am going to get a treadmill.

I mean it.

We were at the Re-store…which if you don’t live in Canada is only the BEST STORE EVER!! It is like a monster thrift store, with everything you can imagine. Including treadmills. There was two there on Friday last week, and I probably should have bought one…except I bought a stove instead. Brand new. To make food. And Bake.


Oh well. I will really need the treadmill now won’t I? Hopefully when I go back this week they will still have it.

Even though I haven’t really thought it through. Like when exactly I think I am going to have the time or motivation to actually run on a treadmill after working for 8-12 hours a day.

Which is probably why the freaking treadmills are in the Re-store in the first place. Someone had the same bright idea as me, went out and spent $600 on a brand new one and then never used it. Ever.

At least I am smart enough to know to buy it second hand. For a mere pittance…or like $100.

I will keep you in the loop as it happens.

Hey maybe I can blog while treadmilling!!! I can record it and type it out later. Killing two birds with one rock.

I kinda like that idea. Once more, it goes great in my head.

In the meanwhile, I hope you are all doing well and staying out of trouble…I am now going to go and catch up on some of your blogs and facebook posts.

Happy Thursday everyone!!



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