The happenings in the hood…

The happenings in the hood…

The happenings in the hood…

I have been absent once again…sigh. It seems to be just the way it is going with me as of late. It has been a busy summer so far and I don’t see that slowing down much at this point. I promise I will blog too much in the winter months to make up for it.

Last week we went to Gibsons, or should I say Halfmoon Bay, to get my parents moved into their new pad.


It was definitely strange going to their house and that house not being on the farm that has been in our family for close to forever.

I had full intentions of going to the farm to say goodbye and cry my face off…we had so many memories, and so much love and happiness that took place there. But something crazy happened… once I was with my parents in their new place, I realized that the property that we had, and the life we lived there, was the past, and the present moment was really all that mattered.

The important stuff is us as a family. Us loving each other. Us helping each other. Us being a family. No matter where that is. A house is a house. And land is just land. The important thing is that you are together, no matter where you are.

I am not going to say that I won’t miss the farm, I loved it there. I grew up there, my whole life has been attached to it, my Aunt who I adored has her ashes spread there, and both of my Grandparents lived there until the day that they passed. No matter what happens now, that property will always be part of us…I know that the lady who bought it will let me go back and cry in her yard when I am ready, and I know that she will love it there like we did, and she will keep it beautiful and farm the land like our family did.

Times change, families change and everyone gets older with different priorities. I wish there was a way we could have kept the property in the family forever, but sometimes the universe knows better than we do about how things should go. I am good with that.

I am great with the fact that my Dad won’t have the stress of not being able to look after so much land. I am grateful that my Mom doesn’t have to go down horrible steep stairs every single day and possibly fall on her head. I am glad her kitties can go outside now without the threat of getting eaten by the pack of coyotes that lives on the farm.

I am glad that they are happy. Because you know what? Life is too damn short to not do whatever the hell you want to do.

They are starting a new adventure in their lives, one of less stress and more manageable, well…everything. Their house is adorable and the yard will be fabulous once my dad gets rid of the six million flowers and plants some grass. He will have it beautiful in no time at all.

morning shot

We did have some carshow fun while we were there too, the show I have always gone to in August took place this weekend in Sechelt. This was my first year without my 67 Mustang Jezebelle, or my participation in the show. Instead of being IN the rod run this year, I sat on the side of the road and watched the cars go by…I got some kick ass pictures too. Oh and my parents new house is conveniently right on the rod run road :)


This is my favorite shot…

Rod Run

Again, I expected my feelings walking through the carshow, without a car of my own, to be different. I expected to be sad. I expected to wish I hadn’t sold my car. But I really didn’t. I appreciate all the hard work and the love that is put into having a classic car, but I am totally LOVING having my 2010 Mustang. It still feels cool, but it is new, and different and easier. And reliable. Which is cool, not that my Jezebelle ever let me down, she never did, but hey when you are a 47 year old piece of machinery, dude…shit happens.

So for two days, I am back at work, and then on my days off we have big plans to change the front boulevard of our house, and just a public announcement…if you are one of the assholes that thinks my driveway is a free for all u turn, yes Mr. Policeman doing 60 and spraying rocks all over my yard and nearly hitting my new and nearly chasing you down the road Mustang, I am including you in that group…the gig is UP. We are putting soil, grass seed and some big ass logs in the way so you can no longer shower our cars with gravel and the inside of our house with dust.

A girl can only put up with so much dirt and stupidity…

Have a great Thursday my friends xox


6 thoughts on “The happenings in the hood…

  1. Laura

    its so true isnt it, that our heads attribute the feelings to the bricks and mortar of a place, when eventually our heart realises its the people in the place that shape the memories and bring the love.

    Love to you and your parents Donna xxx

  2. Jaye

    ALWAYS love reading your blog! I always laugh, I always stop and ponder…I never say ‘well, THAT is 5 minutes of my life I will never get back’ :)
    Keep writing! It is wonderful!

  3. patrecia upton

    I am so glad that you have reappeared again. I am just as bad as I have not written a post for months but I still do comments. Its better to do once in a while than to feel obligated no problem.
    I wish your Mom and Dad much happiness in their new home and I am sure that they will greatly enjoy their new surroundings and making new friends.
    We also had trouble with cars mounting over our concrete pathway to park but a few carefully placed bolders have solved the problem.
    lovely to hear from you again….one day again soon!

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Good morning Patrecia, we thought of the boulders too, logs are an easy find for us, and if we can find some nice big boulders we won’t rule them out!!! Thanks for stopping in and saying hi!!!

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