Back to school…

Back to school…

Back to school…


School starts tomorrow, my day off, that is no longer going to be my day off. Saturday may not be either.

Because there will inevitably be homework…

Up until yesterday I was pretty sure that my Czechoslovakian Teacher who made me cry all the time last year was supposed to be the teacher of this one class I am taking, I have now found out that he isn’t teaching it at all.

It’s a new guy.

I had him for a sub teacher last year at some point, but I can’t for the life of me remember if he was interesting or not. So we shall see.

I just know that this time, this class, this learning curve…It’s not gonna make me cry.

I am here on my own terms this time, I am fully responsible for paying and it doesn’t matter what grade I get. So I have decided that i am just going to do my best and learn as much as I can, with no stress involved.

I am also still working full time. So there is that.

And I am trying to start an Organizing business…

Check me out…



That is like business number two, because I really do want to make the Social Media gig work out…

That link is here:



Proof that I want to continue to build sites is the fact that I have indeed started my Mustang site up again. I have had this site for 14 years, when I quit smoking I taught myself how but build a website. It has been built torn down, rebuilt, burned to the ground and resurrected over and over. The forum we have on there is our second forum, the first was was totally amusing but I have no idea where abouts in the internets it is anymore. The forum that carries on now was started in 2004, there are a few of us, that just won’t die…and we amuse each other.

The link to all of this fun is below:

grill banner

So… in as much as summer is soon coming to an abrupt and cool end…I am getting ready for winter. Today I cleaned out my side of the garage, I am taking back my territory so my car can live inside in the winter. We totally need more space, or in my head a big garage sale…we have far to much stuff for the garage space that we currently have. Nobody has $30, ooo they wanna shoot me for a new shop do they?

Call me. Seriously.

So happy beginning of fall to all of you, I will keep you updated on the shenanigans as they take place!!

Cheers for now!! D.

6 thoughts on “Back to school…

  1. Barb

    Hi Donna, long time, no see!
    I think I lost you when I transferred over to a self-hosted site. I had a few problems in the process, and some of my subscribers didn’t come with it, so they have had to sign up again.
    I love your site and what you have done with it; it’s clean and easy to get around. Will check out your other ones, I’m curious about the OCD one, the lettering intrigued me!
    Don’t know how you manage school and a full time job; you must be enjoying school! It’s good to keep learning – when we stop, we die, so keep at it!

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      I had the same problem when I went over to self hosted, I am so glad you dropped by, I will make sure to resubscribe at your blog!! School is great this year and I am only taking one class :) I will talk soon!!! xoxo

  2. Patrecia Upton

    Good luck Princess
    I am learning Bulgarian and it’s a pain but as being 75 I suppose I cannot expect miracles

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