Is there anyone out there??

Is there anyone out there??

Is there anyone out there??

I have come to realize that with all the projects I have going on right now, I seem to be neglecting writing anything here of any importance or usefulness.

I am sorry.

If you are even out there anymore.

I have been really busy in the last few months, I am still working at the garden centre full time as well as taking my course in school. I am loving the course as it is all about WordPress, which is of course what this blog is built in. I am learning about building themes and how to get right down to the nitty gritty and make it customized from the bottom up. I love that stuff. I have never been happier to be in school. Ever.

I have also had a few new projects going on. I have decided that what I want to do is, indeed web design and marketing. I just want to design the web on WordPress. I will specialize.

I have a secret project underway and will post updates as the owner tells me it is allowed. We just finished her logo last week and it is being printed as we speak, the site will be started next week…it is going to be bloody fabulous!!

I have also set up a blog for a new client and friend Al…he is going to be really bloody funny and you need to go over there after you finish here and read his first post, you will indeed be entertained.


The things I have NOT been doing? Well pictures. I haven’t taken my camera out of the bag in weeks. I am missing it, but there just isn’t enough time in the week having only one day off (because school falls on my weekday off day) to do anything but keep up with the garden, yard and dog hair that invades my house on a hourly basis.

That, and we seem to keep blowing up appliances, this week alone we had to go buy a new coffee maker and a new washing machine. The washing machine was an unexpected and expensive make me swear thing…but water all over the basement floor was bringing back some horrible flooding memories from years gone by, so out went the 10 year old front loading stinky washer and in came the new, top loader with no agitator 5.2 cubic foot big ass steel drum. This thing is HUGE.


If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE doing laundry. I know, freak. Whatever, nothing makes me happier than clean laundry of any kind…and when you do as much laundry as we do in this house, I don’t really have a choice but to love it or be in constant hell. This pretty new washer makes me very, very happy. I will never go front loading again.

And while we are on the subject, who thought that was a good idea anyway? It is hard on a girls back, the washer stinks, always, no matter what you do, leaving the door open all the time helps but seriously if you leave the clothes in there for 15 minutes after the wash is done you are guaranteed to have to wash them again because they smell like ass. Washing my King Size comforter, doable but you have to be a wrestler to get the damn thing in or out, and did it really even get clean? Or just wet?

Don’t get me started on the washer eating my mini socks…

All those problems are in my past. I recommend a top loader to everyone.

I would also appreciate if someone else would take over the third thing that is nearly guaranteed to blow up…or I will let you know what it turns out to be. We have replaced nearly everything in this damn house in the last few years, so we have to be close to the end…or moving out once it is all fixed, which ever comes first.

On that note, I hope you are all doing well, the two of you that might be left out there…and I hope to start posting a little more regularly now that fall is upon us and I will soon be unemployed for the winter…happy Saturday!!!

8 thoughts on “Is there anyone out there??

  1. patrecia upton

    I am always here..its you that keeps disappearing.
    Sorry things keep blowing up but hey! thats life.
    You did not leave a link to find Al so I cannot pop over
    Take care hun..

  2. Jaye

    I am still here! I have always had a top loading washer…never understood the front loading thing! Here’s to hoping nothing else blows up at your house (or mine!)

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