The end is so bittersweet…

The end is so bittersweet…

The end is so bittersweet…

Today was my last day of work at the garden centre for the season. I am never quite sure how to feel on this day, on one hand…I am super excited to be off of work and looking forward to the winter ahead and the adventures that are planned. And Christmas.

At the same time, I am sad to not have a place to go every day that isn’t my house. The Castle will be excruciatingly clean…as it is every winter that I am off,  because I am trying to fill in the hours that I would normally be working with what feels like a comparable facsimile.

This winter, I have some plans…

Tomorrow we are off to Vancouver for the night, hopefully for a visit with my friend Nancy, whom I haven’t seen for going on three years. I have no idea how one of the most important woman in my life and I have not seen each other for that long, but it is true. I hope to end that streak tomorrow.

And then…

I am  off to my brothers house in Whitehorse for a week long stay. Just me, my brother and his oldest son Theo, also widely known as the Wee Prince. Who is now indeed three years old. I look forward to our upcoming spaceship trip to China. I hope he lets me drive.

I will also get to see my friend Deb…excited, oh yes I am. And there will be pictures.

Once I get home I have a fabulous website to build for my friend Wendy. I look forward to sharing that with you when it’s done.

And then there is school.

I have promised myself that I would not cry this year. I have blown that already. On Saturday I spent the day finishing off the first site we were supposed to build for a project that is worth 40% of our grade. We were then supposed to copy said site to an new database and then make another, totally different site.

Somehow, in the poor interpretation or the poorly worded description of how to do this transfer, I lost everything. None of the links worked, the old site was gone and the new one was non-existent. Can you say devastation? After two weeks of hard work…I had nothing.

Thankfully when I put out my lame plea for help to my school friends on facebook, one of the boys in my class pulled through and saved. my. fucking. life.

He found the site, brought it back. It still didn’t work, but all of the information was there, so I started a new site and copy and pasted what was left of the first site, to get it back up and rolling.

I am now mostly terrified to try it again. So I am indeed taking homework with me. Damn it.

Hopefully I actually have something to hand in by the time it is all said and done.

Regardless, I am totally enjoying what I am learning most days, and I have far more confidence in my skill building sites now than I did even two months ago.

This is good. And makes me happy.

So now I will say goodnight, and I will post more from Whitehorse, with some pictures of the fun and possibly the snow!!

2 thoughts on “The end is so bittersweet…

  1. ash

    Oh wow, things have really changed around here. Will poke around :) Bet you’re having an amazing time with your wee prince xx

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