An Ode To Friendship…

An Ode To Friendship…

An Ode To Friendship…

The bond we share is unlike anything else we are given in this life. It is one of laughter, compassion and deep totally connected love.

We change and grow with everything life throws at us, trying to be there for each other with a shoulder to cry on, a laugh, or sometimes just to listen without judgment to the troubles that we face.

We love each other no matter what.

We are loyal, fiercely protective and always there for each other.

Even when time flies by and we haven’t talked, I am thinking about you…you are always in my heart.

We keep each other grounded, and try to give good advice, always there for comfort, for support…to tell the other to suck it up and get on with the good stuff.

We depend on each other for the truth, for the reality that we can’t always see, even though it is right in front of us.

When our conscience won’t let us move on, because we have messed up and blame ourselves, the other will let us off the hook…sometimes you have to see it from another perspective.

We strike terror or love in the hearts of men, depending on which we want to see, and have more love than we can express for our children and families. When we need to defend or protect, there is no force that can stop us. Nothing can get in our way.

Others fear our bond, because they don’t understand or believe it can be true…the obvious fact that we have fought battles and loved together before this life, many times…our souls are connected in a way you just can’t explain with words.

My heart bursts with gratitude for the women in my life who make me feel this way…you know who you are.

I am blessed to have your grace, warmth and charm…to have your shoulders to cry on, your humor to make me smile when the world feels like it is ending and I am falling off of the edge…or your joy when our worlds are fabulous!!

I love you all, with every single little space in my amazingly full heart…

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