Quick Tip ~ Mascara and Lavender

Quick Tip ~ Mascara and Lavender

Quick Tip ~ Mascara and Lavender

Did you know that Lavender can help your eyelashes grow fuller and longer? Neither did I. I had heard about it a while ago and then totally forgot all about it, but then something happened…I did a bit of research on the interwebs first and finally just decided to try it out. I am nearly at the end of my mascara and figured I had nothing to lose by adding a couple of drops to what I have left.


So let me start at the beginning. I was flat ironing my hair the other day, and I had already put my mascara on.

Do not do this, especially when you are flat ironing your bangs with a 400° iron. Seriously. I burnt part of my right eyelash right the hell off.

I didn’t panic too much because I know that my eyelashes grow pretty fast, but it was still a bit weird looking and awkward…

Google is your friend.

So is lavender.

I added two drops to my mascara and started to use it the next day. I am happy to report that my eyelashes are back, a bit more than a week and a half later.


I love the lavender in the mascara, not only does it smell absolutely amazing when you are applying it, but it made the mascara 100% lump free. You know how it gets all crappy when you are down to the last couple of weeks of use? Fixed it right up, I am not kidding ya here.

So try this…trust me, it’s good on every level.

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