What is going on here???

What is going on here???

What is going on here???

You know how it feels when you just come to the end of something. Where it doesn’t seem to be a part of your life that you feel the need to use anymore or even give a damn about? Ya. I am there with school. We are trying to learn how to make a site on Drupal.

Which is not this…

I have been on WordPress forever, it might not be perfect but at least I understand it. I can figure it out. I can google it and find an answer.

Drupal is a bitch. It is hard and sometimes near impossible to set up. You have to be a freaking brain surgeon. It might be easier in the end, but user friendly it is NOT. And I am pretty much at the end of my rope with all the bugs you have to try and work around to make anything go or figure anything out.

I am all about making my life easier right now, not harder. So bite me Drupal.

In other news, we have all new windows in the Castle. This has made me happy…and cut down on the cold and the noise by like, oh….200%. Our living room window now opens…on both sides. Joyous I tell you…

The huge windstorm we had last night stayed outside for a change, my curtains weren’t blowing around with the windows closed!! Who knew?

Although today we do indeed have a moat around the house from the torrential rain that came with the storm…it is staying outside, thankfully…so far… apparently we have one more storm with some super high tides to go, but we will cross that bridge if we need one. Fingers crossed we don’t.

Let’s hope that the only thing we have to worry about this week is the John Hart Dam and the big one…they have recently informed us that if there is a big earthquake we have approximately 30 minutes to get to higher ground because the dam is gonna give and we are basically screwed. Nice huh? You can read that story here…

There is a meeting on the 11th which we are going to, to get more information on what exactly that means, in the meantime and the next 5 or 6 years while they are fixing said dam, I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed that the Universe decides to maybe hold off on the big one, for like say…80 more years. That would be awesome. I am pretty tired of the water in the house worry, I suppose I should have thought buying a house by a river through a little more, lesson learned there I tell ya.

In other news, I have most of my Christmas making, baking and shopping done. Though I have not got one decoration up. No that is a lie, I have exactly one decoration up. My friend Colleen gave me an awesome early present!! It is a lantern with a led light that looks like a real candle. I love it. It is all that I have for Christmas inspiration at this point. All my other decorations are under the stairs, and it just seems like too big of a job for me to get everything out of the way and get it out from under there this week.

It’s early, and we aren’t even going to be home for Christmas…I might not even bother with a tree this year.

And I am turning 50. Just so you know.

It’s kind of a big deal. Because it means that no matter what, even given best case scenario that you are gonna live to 100…you are halfway there bitch. The young days, the days when you could say you weren’t yet middle aged are fucking OVER. It’s real. Middle age is here. I just have no idea how that even happened. It was just yesterday that I was turning 21, I swear.

Apparently middle age takes away some of your optimism…I am just trying to not think about it. And I will eat cake. Lots of cake. And I will drink Champagne. Lots of Champagne.

Christmas is at my parents house this year, and we are all going to be there…my kids won’t let me smooch them anymore so the wee prince is gonna be giving me some Aunty love. I have the kid for nearly a week. We are gonna have us some fun. Between him and baby Jack I will be smooched better.

Thank goodness for babies, they seem to make you forget that you personally are getting old, and there is absolutely not a single damn thing you can do about it…nothing except take the good when it comes and enjoy the little things…like baby smooches and a nice warm house, that will hopefully not float down the river with your 50 year old ass…

Happy Wednesday everyone!

10 thoughts on “What is going on here???

  1. Mike

    About the entire IMG210 course? Yeah. I’m beating my head against Magento, trying to finish my IMG260 project, and I haven’t even started my IMG210 final project. I’m freaking doomed. I couldn’t stand WordPress, and the text book just killed it for me. So, I got zero for the midterm project worth 40% of my grade, and I won’t be able to finish the Drupal project in one day. Scratch that course completely. I’ve listened to you and Colleen beat your head against these projects in our work periods, and try to work out bugs with the teacher. I never even got to that level, and I probably never will. Certainly not by tomorrow night, if I can’t even get the Magento site working. I lost my interest in both these courses in October when I crashed into the wall with WordPress (used for both midterm projects, but stayed because I thought I’d learn something with the new applications). Well that didn’t work out so well. I might get tossed out of the college.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Oh….that sucks Mike. I loved the WordPress part, even though it was a freaking nightmare doing that project with hardly any direction at all…but Drupal… What a horrible experience that was…enjoy your Christmas Mike!!!!

      1. Mike

        Well, I emailed Kevin about the IMG210 situation and referenced a discussion I had in October when I was going to pull the plug on both IMG 210 and IMG 260 due to my WordPress frustration. Back then, I said I wasn’t going to touch WordPress ever again. At that time, I had my “Year of Hell in College -Extended” site up and running, with a lot of content. However, Kevin wouldn’t accept it as the mid-term project, because it didn’t meet the marking criteria. I have asked him a few times since about getting marked at a penalty, if I translated the site. Although he agreed then, I just couldn’t get my enthusiasm up to deal with WordPress. When I blew my brain gasket over the IMG 260 final project, and knew I wasn’t likely to get the Drupal project done, I requested a revisit on the WordPress project. Wednesday morning, he agreed that he would mark a submission (if in by Friday), with a hefty penalty, and that if I did well enough, I might pass the course.

        The sites were completed last night, and because of the Jetpack plugin, my LinkedIn and NIC Google+ accounts are full of my WordPress blog posts! Good thing I didn’t put anything bad into these filler posts. That could have been pretty embarrassing, considering my residual levels of frustration and difficulties integrating the plugins.

        So, I might actually pass both courses. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Mom

    Dad says now that you got your new windows your house should be air tight, you could float over here on the high tide. Hope you have a good day

  3. Beth Teliho

    First – you totally don’t look 50! I know what you mean, though, about accepting middle age. I just turned 44 and I’ve had to accept some hard truths myself this year! OY. It’s tough.

    I sincerely hope the big one doesn’t happen and your house doesn’t float away! WHAT? I mean, who needs that kind of worry over their head? I’ll do my “no earthquake” dance for ya.

    Have a glorious holiday season, girlfriend. Enjoy them baby smooches. :)

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Comment like this are why I have a massive girl crush on you Beth. Thanks for the dance, we need all the goodness we can find!!! Happy holidays to you and your family too Beth!! xo

  4. Megan Thomas

    Ahhhh… yes, hi this is Megan and I am commenting on a blog post… I know… The world must be coming to an end or something. LOL Just wanted to let you know that even though I’ve been quiet, I do still read and so love staying in the loop with your world. I miss you to pieces sister! Love ya! xoxoxo

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