Go Home Don…You’re Drunk.

Go Home Don…You’re Drunk.

Go Home Don…You’re Drunk.

We are right in the middle of season 6 of Madmen…I know, I am losing my mind. Who the hell blogs twice about a tv show? Me. Stop judging me dammit.

This show never stops blowing my mind. Period. If you haven’t seen it. Get Netflix. Buy the CD’s…whatever you have to do, but WATCH IT! If you were born in the 60’s you will be like…that totally happened. If you weren’t, you will be like…that totally happened?

Last nights show was Don…being a man whore as always (because, the 60’s)…this time with his neighbor. I won’t tell you the gory details in case you haven’t seen it, but basically he wants her to stay locked up in a hotel room with nothing to do except be at his beck and call. No leaving, no reading and from what I can tell no eating…

FINALLY, she figures out that maybe this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe she is just the man whore’s bitch…and doing whatever he wants isn’t all she hoped for.

I mean it always seems like a good idea in the beginning. Someone being forceful and taking over everything can seem sexy, for the first three weeks or so right? If you are any kind of woman at all…it gets boring pretty damn fast. And no amount of sex can make sitting in a dark hotel room for an eternity waiting for some pinhead to show up again whenever he feels like it, turn into a valid lifestyle.

The awesome part…was that he never saw it coming. Her leaving…her telling him that it was over and it wasn’t going to be what he wanted it to be anymore. Duh? Should have figured that out himself. But they never do.

I am sure before the season is over, she will fall back under his spell and something horrible is going to happen…after all, it is tv.

That I appear to be addicted to.

But it has made me think about things, like how we are all so much the same. How we all get stuck in our patterns in life and sometimes can’t find an answer or a way out that seems reasonable, even though everyone else around us, sees it crystal clear, like a sunny day on the beach.

It has made me think about judgement, and love and the 60’s and 70’s…so much both good and bad came from the that era, didn’t it? I mean free love sounded good at the time…but in the end, proved that maybe not so much. Looking back, it is amazing to see how far we have come with so many things…like drinking at work. I mean holy crap…that was NOT ever gonna be a good idea, no matter what your job was. And littering. And no seat belts…

Who knew that your Dad taking you up in the mountain in an old jeep, going sideways, having the time of your life while flying around inside of the vehicle, totally as unseat-belted as you could be…was probably not a good idea, and that your Mom was once again, indeed right.

Some things took us time to learn.

I am grateful for growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. Nothing is ever going to be that crazy again. None of the lessons learned will need to be relived, well hopefully not anyway. People being people, that could indeed not be the way…but there are so many things that will never be like they were ever again. Living in a small town with dirt roads and knowing everyone around you, is nearly a thing of the past. How can it not be…we have just come too far.

Party lines, tin can phones, Spirograph and Litebrite…

Knowing every kid in the neighborhood, and playing outside until the very last minute, riding your no speed bike with the banana seat and humongous monkey handle bars home faster than the speed of light…hoping you could make it in the door before your mom knew you were late for curfew.

When falling in love with a boy, meant counting the hours until you would see him again in a crowd of friends…and maybe having a chance to glance his way or make eye contact. Knowing that maybe…if you were lucky and it was meant to be, you might be holding his hand in a few weeks.

Old ford pickups with the whole family packed in the front seat with a camper on the back of the truck, and no seatbelts…just a distant memory. Although I can clear as day feel my brother elbowing me in the stomach because he was sure I had an inch more room than he did.

Those were indeed the good old days.

That’s the problem with getting old. You tend to remember the good old days stuff, even though at the time, you have absolutely no idea that it will indeed be the good stuff.

At this point I just feel pretty lucky to have been a part of the chaos…to know personally how messed up we are all, together…as a group.

And it’s okay…because sometimes the things that don’t change, are what hold us all together. I feel sorry for the generations that missed those years, because there is really no way to comprehend how it was if you weren’t there.

We are one of a kind, taking the good with the bad…and oh, how we’ve grown.

Happy Sunday friends :)

PS…If you are a madman fan, Part One of season seven is available on Amazon for $13.00 including shipping and Part Two will be on AMC coming in April 2015. You’re welcome :)

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  1. Laura

    uh oh Donna, this is not good. I’m getting to the end of watching House again and I need something new to get addicted to!!

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