I’m a runner…

I’m a runner…

I’m a runner…

Well sort of. I have gone running with my best friend. Once. And now by myself, once. Which totally counts as a runner in my books…AND I have intentions of doing it again, and can honestly say that I have never ever in my life ran before.

I don’t think running in school counts, because well, we had to or we would have failed PE. No one should ever fail PE, am I right?

But as a grown up, or whatever this is, I have never once chosen to run. Anywhere.

I was getting my physical about 6 months ago and my doctor asked me if I ran…my reply was “only if something is chasing me”. This statement has never been more true in the history of the world. He thought it was fairly amusing.

The truth is, I have always wanted to run. I have always been envious of the beautiful people that do. I just never pictured myself as being one of those people. I never felt like I had the motivation it would take, or the stamina.

The insane thing about it is…I never even tried. Seriously…wtf is that all about?

Yesterday my power walking bestie told me she was going to run for half of our walk, was I up to it? Now I am never one to back down from a challenge, and to me…running has always been just that. But it has also always been the challenge I ran away from. So I said, hell yes…I was up to it and totally in.

Now I believe there is a monster inside of me that needs to get out. A running monster. It is all I can think about since we went. When can I go next, where can I go where I don’t have to worry about getting eaten by a bear or raped by a psycho whilst running alone, how many friends can I con into the fact that this is FUN??!!!

My body feels the need to be strong. I am getting old, but I don’t want to…I want to fight it and prove that just because I am not 25 anymore, I can still be fucking awesome.

Things are changing inside of me, things I didn’t expect to change. I want to take back me. I want to be in charge and know that the direction I am facing in, is exactly what I want and not what I resign myself to because it’s easy.

I want to be 50. And I want to be fantastic.

I am the only one that can make that happen. So look out world, here I come…

2 thoughts on “I’m a runner…

  1. Barb

    Woohoo….go for it Donna!
    I’ve recently started walking about 4 kilometres a day (2.5 miles), and I LOVE it! What have I been missing out on all my life I ask? The thing is, I never felt the need before but now I’m “getting up there”, I want to stay as fit as I can. I find running too strenuous for me (I’m a lot older than you and have a bad back), but if you can do it, good for you!

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