When I think I am a Ninja…

When I think I am a Ninja…

When I think I am a Ninja…

Or something like that anyway.

You know when you fall in love and you are just a big mess and all addicted to being with that person every single second of every single day?

I do that every time I find a new hobby or a new food or…pretty much anything new to obsess over as my new kind of fun.

So I reported a few weeks ago, that I started running. I will mention right now, that I love running…almost as much as I love Oh Henry bars. You get my obsession, right?

I eat, then I run…all good.

Except I am psycho. I ran like the wind for weeks. I ran farther and faster…I am losing weight and feeling like a million bucks and then I fluke out and find a stationary bike in the second hand store for $25.

It only took one long ride to nearly kill myself. Somehow…probably because I was riding said bike in my bare feet and underwear, which I would now never recommend…I managed to pull a muscle in my calf and do something to my other knee which feels probably as bad as my son did when he came upstairs and caught me riding my bike with  just ear buds, bare feet and my underwear.

Sorry honey.

So I have gone for a few runs (like 6) with this muscle pain and have made myself suffer through it, thinking it will go away if I beat the hell out of myself, which of course it won’t.

I went to the Sunshine Coast this weekend for 4 days to see my parents…it was a most excellent visit and the first road trip I have taken in the new Mustang. I had super intentions of running my ass off. I did not. The one day I went I just wanted to lay down in the ditch and possibly die there. Which, thankfully I also didn’t do.

So now, I am trying to be patient and let myself heal…the ridiculous thing is that it feels fine when I am actually running but when I stop…hell. So I am icing and Voltarening myself to being better. I am not patient, so this is a test for me.

Because I want to run……

Like the wind, only not that graceful.

And lesson learned with the stationary bike and the underwear, seriously on every level that is probably a bad idea. My advice is to at least make sure you have your runners on.

7 thoughts on “When I think I am a Ninja…

  1. Sandi


    Your old blogging pal, (and Facbook friend)- is back on the blogging grind…except my kiddos don’t want me telling the World about them as much. Actually, I can tell, I just can’t tell who they are since they getting older and my son has some learning disability that we’re taking for testing. etc. I need a place to vent that my facebook family (outside of blogger pals) and local friends don’t know about…

    So, I have a somewhat annonymous new blog. Starting a new blog is fun, but sucks simultateously.
    Trying to reach out to my prior community and not remembering names of blogs, etc. And basically starting all over again, a new community.

    I need my old neighbors. :) I miss them terribly.

    So, this post- I have a stationary spin bike (that currently has dust on it) – I can’t imagine just being in my undies on it… That doesn’t sound comfy at all… I need that extra padding clothes offers. :) Your poor son can’t unsee what he just saw. Although, I’m sure you were a hot sweaty mess…you son doesn’t want to see you that way.

    All right, woman! We’re actually doing one of our big driving trips this year (haven’t done for 2 years since I’ve been working.) I was kind of pushing to return to your area because we enjoyed ourselves so much and I thought it would be great to see you again… but I think we’re only go as far as Bend, OR. to see gramps.

    See me on my new blogging home and my new alias,


    1. Donna

      I am headed over right now!!! And maybe the kid will finally move out if I continue to run around half naked…it’s worth a bloody try :)

  2. Laura

    hahah your poor son! I think I am a bit of a ninja on the exercise bike, but luckily I’m not mental, I dont cycle for ages like you’re running! I wish I could though, would be a surefire way to lose weight!! Good on you though x

    1. Donna

      Hahahahahah, I know…. to absolutely all of those things:) I am better now and running every other day instead, working out great!

  3. Barb

    Rest is needed to let it heal but I’d also be taking Robyn’s advice – she speaks from her own recent experience, so please get it checked out with your doctor.

  4. Robyn Oyeniyi

    I recommend getting that knee checked out. When I was doing the GCC last year I found out I had arthritic changes (degenerative) in my knee and the bike irritated the hell out of it. Depends where the degeneration is – for some knees the bike is good (less weight) but for some the rotation action makes it hurt like hell.

    The calf I have no clue about, but hope you heal soon!

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