Fabulous 50…

Fabulous 50…

Fabulous 50…

*I would like to apologize for the other days non-post…I was on my iPad and it posted instead of saving…not finished. My bad. If you are still following me, thank you for your patience :)

As I am sure most of you know, I turned 50 in December…I vowed to myself that this was going to be an amazing year. Not only do I feel the need to celebrate living this bloody long, but I figured at best, I am halfway there, it’s all downhill from here.

Or is it!?

This year has been pretty good so far.

I have learned to stand up for myself in a non involved but totally effective way.

I started to run. Not from things either. I mean just run….like a kid, with wild abandon. The only problem with this is that I keep hurting myself. I have to remember I am old and not a 10 year old anymore, and that running should involve stretching and taking it slow, not flailing down the trail like a lunatic…the really expensive shoes can’t stop me from hurting myself…noted.

I have recently, as in yesterday…committed myself to two…count them TWO awesome country concerts. I am going to Keith Urban with my bestie Cathy in August….yay, third time I have seen him. Love. Love. Love.

And the second concert is Jason Aldeen, whom I also adore. This was my present to myself to celebrate being a non smoker for 15 years as of September 13. The concert is October 2. Yay!!

I have decided that I deserve to have a massage as often as I can afford one. I don’t spend my money frivolously, mostly because I don’t have any…but this is a treat that I totally deserve and enjoy thoroughly. I just won’t add up the total at the end of the year. I am worth it, no matter what the cost. Bills be damned.

On the down side, which isn’t really a down side at all, I am finding I have far less patience than I used to have for the unnecessary. I have been deleting people like mad off of Facebook if they aren’t really my friends, or cause any kind of unusual stress or negativity. And honestly, if we aren’t going to be friends in real life, why would we be on Facebook, right? It just seems so redundant. Life is too short for redundancies…

I have learned to embrace the people whom I do love harder. To be more understanding of their imperfections as well as mine…god knows that leaves a whole bunch of room for improvement on my end of the game. Which I am okay with. I know my own faults…really I do.

I remember thinking, when I was in my 20’s…like a million years ago…what do old people do? And then, old people was like 50. So me. Now.

So I would like to tell my 20 year old, partying her face off with no direction self…that being 50 is awesome. You are smarter, less hungover, more appreciative and happier than you ever thought you could be when you were being 20.

Life gets better, and more complicated and is definitely more of a challenge, but it’s all worth it. I can honestly say without any doubt that there isn’t a time in my life I would rather go back to again, with the exception of being that flailing four year old, I would totally do that again. But I am so glad to be past all the other bits and being where I am today, with grown and healthy boys, with an appreciation for my parents I never had when I was young, and with just loving every part of being alive …life is really, really good!

And hey, summer is on it’s way, nothing more awesome than that is there!?! Happy May everyone :)

2 thoughts on “Fabulous 50…

  1. Sandi

    Miss you girlie!

    Did I tell you we are doing another road trip? I think we’re only going as far as Oregon this year. However, we’d like to do Canada again, at some point. Would love to see you again one of these days.

    Be careful running! I’m thinking of getting back on that spin cycle. Just the thought exhausted me… if I think about it 10 more times, I might have worked up energy to get on the darned thing. :)

    1. Donna

      I would adore seeing you again!!!! Keep me in the loop about the trip!! I am taking a few weeks off running to let my knee heal. But I have still been spinning and doing weights :)

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