From the heavens…

From the heavens…

From the heavens…

It’s been eons since I have posted. Obviously. But in light of this years musically happenings, and by that I mean…all of the legends that have been dying, I just felt the need to write some stuff down.

It’s funny how you never realize how much something touches your life until it’s gone from it. I never really thought of myself as a huge Prince fan. I never bought his albums or knew much about him as a person. Until now.
But I do know every word to tons of his songs. Not all of them obviously as he had an insane amount of music, and I have been country for a very long time.

But there is no one who hasn’t sung Purple rain at the top of their lungs. No one who hasn’t partied their asses off to 1999 and even if you don’t like Little Red Corvettes, you know all of the words.

There are so many.

You just don’t realize it, until it’s too late.

His influence. Standing up for himself and taking back his music. I never understood til now how brave that was, or how hard he was fighting for his right to own his own shit. The whole thing eluded me until now. What the hell? How did I miss that?

How come I didn’t realize until Glenn Fry died that he was part of me? He was part of what made me love music. He was a contributor to me singing loud in the car, not caring how out of tune I was, it didn’t matter because I knew all the words and they moved me. They were me.

Merle Haggard. You just never think he will go away. The oldies who made music what it is today. The ones everyone else follows behind…how can you fill those shoes?

David Bowie…there are just no words. Every song, every interpretation of every song. He changed us all. He gave us all something to think about, something to sing along to, something to fight for.

All we can do is carry on dancing. Sing loud. Feel the music…and be grateful for all they gave us while they were here and will continue to give us now they are gone.

I salute you all, and now when we hear the angels sing…we will know who it is.

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